Twee: VVG and the Sunflowers

Hello, guys! Welcome to my second appreciation post for my love, Vincent. And by committing to myself to sun a series of body paintings and blog posts dedicated to VVG, I am really learning a lot more about him and his work. And today we are talking about the most famous Sunflowers and some "facts" based … Continue reading Twee: VVG and the Sunflowers

Een: VVG and the Almond Blossom

I've been a self-taught, self-proclaimed artist ever since I was a child. I remember I was always excited as my sister brought home new prints and books for me to color. Disney characters, mandalas, random animals, whatever. Sometimes, I doodled and pretend it was an emotional abstract full of meaning and feelings. I knew Van … Continue reading Een: VVG and the Almond Blossom