My curious case of didelphys + some things worth sharing

Advanced note: this article is not for your sensitive and closed mind. I used a lot of girl terms that you may find kadiri or whatever, so if you are interested to read this, I need you to open your mind, and try to understand women's experiences - yeah, especially you, guys. By the way, … Continue reading My curious case of didelphys + some things worth sharing

Week 33: !!!

Yes, those three exclamation points basically summarize this post >> !!! Hello, sweethearts. So what's new? Uhmm... a lot. Remember my previous update? Well here's the list of the challenges I am having, just in case you're too lazy or uninterested about my last post: Stronger and more frequent fetal activity Achiness in the lower abdomen or … Continue reading Week 33: !!!

Week 26: Go do this thing

Again, I would like to thank everyone who's "buying" my blog. (Naks parang sponsors.) I promise my blog isn't made in China (lol), my stories here are all true. (Hello, Chinese friends, no offense, expressions lang.) It's very heart-warming hearing or reading your messages and cheers. I can't promise I can continue making you proud, … Continue reading Week 26: Go do this thing