So how’s the new mom? + some things worth sharing

My daughter just turned three months last week but I actually thought it was at least six months already. With my new alarm clock, I can barely sleep plus new roles in my job plus tool transitions and configurations, plus one new group of bloggers I just joined plus I recently just had an accident and my left … Continue reading So how’s the new mom? + some things worth sharing

My Makati Med experience

I started looking for the best maternity/delivery packages in Manila when I was still six months pregnant. I know, it's not that easy to research online, but since my belly was already too heavy, I can't visit and inquire hospitals either. If you have the convenience of calling their offices, then good for you. But for moms like … Continue reading My Makati Med experience

Life with a one-month old

It's been one month since my belly was sliced, (haha!) and that part is still a little numb. I read an article about the "feelings" after undergoing C-Section, and I'm honestly relieved the weird feeling is normal for a month or two (actually depends). I just posted this late, but today, Mneme's officially one month … Continue reading Life with a one-month old