Talking about Mental Health + some things worth sharing

I've been drafting and updating this post every night before sleep for more than four weeks just so I could share what I really am going through and also some points I found in the internet that really help me go along this journey. So sorry to my family who thought I was just "always" on my … Continue reading Talking about Mental Health + some things worth sharing

#ToyangSavings: cute socks for sale!

Thank you soooo much for supporing our book sale last April! There are some still available for sale. I really loved those books, and I hope you loved them, too! Feel free to tag me on your posts or reviews or maybe we can discuss the stories over coffee sometime. 😉 The #ToyangSavings project is … Continue reading #ToyangSavings: cute socks for sale!

Promo: Drink-All-Day Treat!

I missed coffee sooooooo much! As a coffee lover, I am always "G" for everything "coffee" - from candies (thinking of this because my dad just bought coffee candies for the first time at the groceries earlier) to pastries to drinks, be it frappe, espresso, iced, etc. Coffee for me is "place-less". I would love to have it … Continue reading Promo: Drink-All-Day Treat!