Be someone’s miracle today!

I see a lot of people who really want to be part of something bigger - extending what you have to other people who are in need. But it's just too difficult especially we have our own challenges as well financially, emotionally, physically, etc. It's always one of my dreams to donate or volunteer or … Continue reading Be someone’s miracle today!

How much does “environmentalism” cost?

I am trying hard to switch my way to "environment-friendly" stuff such as bringing my own eco bags when shopping, using metal straws, selling/donating plastics, etc. It honestly didn't occur to me that "environmentalism" is kind of "exclusive" until I read a post shared on Facebook from Twitter. I would disagree, too, but there is … Continue reading How much does “environmentalism” cost?

Talking about Mental Health + some things worth sharing

I've been drafting and updating this post every night before sleep for more than four weeks just so I could share what I really am going through and also some points I found in the internet that really help me go along this journey. So sorry to my family who thought I was just "always" on my … Continue reading Talking about Mental Health + some things worth sharing