Share-A-Bear this Christmas and make someone a #HappyKid

Christmas is fast approaching, and one thing everyone's soooo excited about is our culture of gift giving (yeah I'm excited about the many foods we all are preparing for, but let's stick first to gift giving, shall we?) Hmmkay, just to remind, gift yourselves a gift, too! 2018 was a tough year, so maybe give … Continue reading Share-A-Bear this Christmas and make someone a #HappyKid

Be someone’s miracle today!

I see a lot of people who really want to be part of something bigger - extending what you have to other people who are in need. But it's just too difficult especially we have our own challenges as well financially, emotionally, physically, etc. It's always one of my dreams to donate or volunteer or … Continue reading Be someone’s miracle today!

How much does “environmentalism” cost?

I am trying hard to switch my way to "environment-friendly" stuff such as bringing my own eco bags when shopping, using metal straws, selling/donating plastics, etc. It honestly didn't occur to me that "environmentalism" is kind of "exclusive" until I read a post shared on Facebook from Twitter. I would disagree, too, but there is … Continue reading How much does “environmentalism” cost?