So how’s the new mom? + some things worth sharing

My daughter just turned three months last week but I actually thought it was at least six months already. With my new alarm clock, I can barely sleep plus new roles in my job plus tool transitions and configurations, plus one new group of bloggers I just joined plus I recently just had an accident and my left … Continue reading So how’s the new mom? + some things worth sharing

My funny but true list of pros and cons on being a single mother

Haha! I said it's funny, because I started listing the pros first and suddenly I had nothing to write under the cons list. I mean I had to re-read my previous posts and Google "what's sad about being a single parent" just to make myself remember. Or maybe the time I was drafting this was just a happy … Continue reading My funny but true list of pros and cons on being a single mother

Mnemosyne Rae’s Christening Day

Organizing my baby's Christening was very tiring but fun. I got the church that I wanted, the food was taken care of at our venue, her dad's there, my family was there, and my very supportive friends were there. Though some of my closest friends were not able to attend, I really am grateful to … Continue reading Mnemosyne Rae’s Christening Day

My Makati Med experience

I started looking for the best maternity/delivery packages in Manila when I was still six months pregnant. I know, it's not that easy to research online, but since my belly was already too heavy, I can't visit and inquire hospitals either. If you have the convenience of calling their offices, then good for you. But for moms like … Continue reading My Makati Med experience

To all single moms, happy Fathers’ day!

I get it. It's tough being a mom and a dad at the same time. I'm with you. Today is my first Father's day being a single mom. To be honest, I feel sad everytime I feel alone at this. I know I have my family and friends, but having a partner is still different. … Continue reading To all single moms, happy Fathers’ day!

Review: Philips Avent Breast Pump and Storage

For the remaining weeks of my maternity leave, I know I have to start preparing for breast milk storage already. I am still having second thoughts on using storage bags, though. I read an article of its pros and cons, so I think for now I will have to stick with storage bottles first before … Continue reading Review: Philips Avent Breast Pump and Storage


Yes! I finally found my mommy hashtag! See, this is one of the reasons why I love myself. I'm crazy. I've been using my online alias for almost nine years already. Thanks to the Tumblr people who made me come up to such username. Now I'm so attached to it I cannot think of something … Continue reading #theMOMMYnnaise

What to expect before and after C-Section

Giving birth is exciting and scary at the same time. But when your baby is already there, relief and happiness will come. You'll honestly forget you just had a major surgery and will try to reach out and hug your little one the first second you saw her/him. Unfortunately, your hands will be tied until the procedure is … Continue reading What to expect before and after C-Section

Life with a one-month old

It's been one month since my belly was sliced, (haha!) and that part is still a little numb. I read an article about the "feelings" after undergoing C-Section, and I'm honestly relieved the weird feeling is normal for a month or two (actually depends). I just posted this late, but today, Mneme's officially one month … Continue reading Life with a one-month old

My mom and our story

My mom married my dad the same age as mine today. She then came along with my father, went out of their town to try their luck in Manila. My dad, a very courageous man, tried different jobs while my mom got pregnant with their first, child. Until they got another job, together, from a … Continue reading My mom and our story