Be someone’s miracle today!

I see a lot of people who really want to be part of something bigger - extending what you have to other people who are in need. But it's just too difficult especially we have our own challenges as well financially, emotionally, physically, etc. It's always one of my dreams to donate or volunteer or … Continue reading Be someone’s miracle today!

Letters from Mom: remember when we first met?

Remember when we first met? Haha! Of course you don't. But as your mom, that day was and is one of the most unforgettable days of my life. It was the first (and only, so far) surgery I had and I was really scared. I even asked one of the nurses if I could poop while … Continue reading Letters from Mom: remember when we first met?

Spoiler alert: Netflix overload

I know. I hate myself, too, for spending my time on Netflix instead of focusing on my job assignments or even my blogs or my journals. On the side note, I'm glad I'm making the most of my 400+php subscription. And excuse my little way of escaping the reality of #adulting. And of course, I still have time … Continue reading Spoiler alert: Netflix overload