The power of your story

Hey, guys. Nothing big to share today, but I'd like to talk about all things 'limitations. The first days of 2019 taught me a very valuable lesson I almost always didn't put in mind - limitations. I've been busy in my 'self-care' project without even realising I was spoiling myself already. Stress-eating, binge-watching, spending too … Continue reading The power of your story

On keeping secrets

Some may say I am oversharing life stuff on Facebook, Instagram, and even here on the blog by posting lots of photos, sharing private stories, etc. I think so, too. Sometimes, due to my anger, happiness, pain, excitement, I tend to grab my phone the second I feel it and post anything that's in my … Continue reading On keeping secrets

Looking back before 2018 ends *heart emoji*

It's already Christmas! I know we are not certain all bout Jesus' birthdate, but most of us are celebrating life, joy, and love in Jesus' name. 'Tis the season for forgiveness and making peace, showering love, and gift giving. And speaking of gifts, this is the first time I gave little gifts to the people … Continue reading Looking back before 2018 ends *heart emoji*