May Day: We find what we look for

I almost forgot I have this "May Day" blog category where I tag my life updates in case I am too lazy to write on my journal. Well, here I am again, updating my blog with super personal nonsense things as if my readers care. Oh, by the way, that's how personal blogs work, right? The … Continue reading May Day: We find what we look for

Newest and last

It's been months, I think, since I last had a dream... or remembered my dream. According to Psychology, dreams are natural and everyone are having dreams everytime they sleep. The only difference among us is how many of those dreams each of us recall upon awakening. I am one of those people who often remember … Continue reading Newest and last

This is what I hate about commuting

Every morning, I have to wake up at 4, prepare for work in at least one hour, and go out to commute at around 5. It seems normal, though. Since I don't have my own car yet, I have to adjust my time because heavy traffic isn't the only problem of commuters, but the volume … Continue reading This is what I hate about commuting

Can I be honest with you?

Of course, I can. And I always am. I know being "honest" and "open" are two different things. Opening myself up to public isn't easy, though. It's not for fame, oh hell no. It's just I just found this outlet an easier way to explain myself, than looking for someone who "can" and "will" listen to … Continue reading Can I be honest with you?

On challenging myself

UPDATED: August 14, 2018 So this post has been stuck in my draft for few days already and it's just now that I remembered to update and post it. Lol I am not a believer of "new year resolutions" anymore because they're honestly bullsh*t. You get to "change" your habit or add another activity just … Continue reading On challenging myself

How to be happy vol. 1

I really admire Austin Kleon's writing, from his books to his blog articles. And one of the things that inspired me recently is his notes to himself. Yeah, I got that preview photo idea from his blog post. A little bit low key, and lame, but I'll do better next time. So yep, here's some … Continue reading How to be happy vol. 1

2017 Favorites

Cleared up my previous WordPress blog and starting again~ I'll be activating this blog supposedly on January 2018 but I just feel excited and I think it is also okay to start few days before the plan and to start a new year with a little round-up and a little darker story (upcoming~). Hello, everyone! … Continue reading 2017 Favorites