Photo Dump: Dailies

I mentioned I was looking for a platform where I could keep and share my daily snaps just like a photo diary, open for all. Don't worry, fellas. I don't share my life story 100%. There's sooo much more behind these blog posts, those IG stories, and those VSCO snaps. Yep, talking about VSCO, I'm … Continue reading Photo Dump: Dailies

Getting my journaling mojo back + some realizations

It's been more than just a month since I last updated my personal analog journal and I thought I already lost the mojo for it and for art, in general. Aside from not having enough time, I also needed to stay away from life's drama and try to survive. Haha! Good thing is we just … Continue reading Getting my journaling mojo back + some realizations

Paperang update + journaling tips + journal flip-through

Hello, guys! I am posting this update as a "thank you" for the continued support and viewing of my previous post about the Paperang printer. Many were asking "are the printed pictures still okay?", "aren't they fading?", etc etc. Well so far, I have no issues about the cutest printer. In fact, I am using it more … Continue reading Paperang update + journaling tips + journal flip-through

Journal throwback + Tips on personal journaling

Hello, readers! Last time, I mentioned we are on an ongoing project at home - de-cluttering and redesigning our room - to make space for Toyo. And guess where we are now.....uhm yeah still there. (Lol) During the past holidays, I had time to re-scan my old journals I found during the clean-up. Why the … Continue reading Journal throwback + Tips on personal journaling

My journaling process + some tips and resources

I've been receiving messages re my blog and my journal. And it feels nice to inspire you to get started and to the same. Thank you so much for appreciating the things I've been sharing. Earlier today I woke up with an idea of sharing my journaling process since a number of my readers are … Continue reading My journaling process + some tips and resources

PAPERANG P1 Review: the meow printer

I've been wanting to have my own portable printer since  I'm doing a lot of journaling and scrapbooking. Then came the instant cameras and mobile photo printers which I found very interesting and fun. But maintaining it is a bit expensive and I don't want to spend much on that, honestly. I mean, just print it … Continue reading PAPERANG P1 Review: the meow printer

Trying out “black-out poetry”

I knew Austin Kleon from his book Steal Like An Artist. And since I followed his blog, I already got interested on black-out poetry. Maybe on my past years, I've been very creative, but suddenly I'm not. I honestly feel rusty on thinking of new ideas and stuff. Fortunately, I still read a lot. And … Continue reading Trying out “black-out poetry”

11-peso washi? Yes please!

Hello, loves! I'm in a good mood today because of these cuties! Were did I got them? Since I am stuck at home, I go shopping online. (I miss the malls, huhu) And one day I received a notification from a one-day P11-sale on Shopee. Yes, selected items were on sale for a day and … Continue reading 11-peso washi? Yes please!

5 reasons why I journal

I'm on bed rest for a week and that gave a problem I never dreamed of having - being bored. Yea, I got that ever since, bec I really don't like doing nothing except when I'm eating or sleeping and have nothing else to worry about. But now, my OB advised to take complete bed … Continue reading 5 reasons why I journal