Oh, hi! I’m May! I ‘m a 26-year-old single mom of one from Manila, Philippines. I have a full-time corporate job as an auditor, a compliance representative, and risk control officer of a multinational pharmaceutical company. Aside from this kinda scary, fun job, I like blogging as well – writing stories about life and maybe some lessons and stuff I think worth sharing.

I also enjoy traveling and I am a foodie, too! In my spare time, I usually read books, or paint random flowers, doodle some faces, sketch random shapes, and I also do photography. Yep, I am an almost-all-around hobbyist.

By the way, welcome to The Mhayonnaise Online. My blog is actually a personal site where I share my adventures, thoughts, and experiences.

I’ve been using “themhayonnaise” handle since 2010 on all of my online accounts. I got “Mhayonnaise” from my nick name -May- except I’m not a lover of mayonnaise. Literally. I just couldn’t think of any other foodie word when I was first asked for a unique username. Haha!

So now, you’re probably wondering what I and my blog can offer. Well, honestly, not so much. I’m already an “oldie” in the community, but a “newbie” in the industry, if you get what I mean.

Instagram: @themhayonnaise – average of 7,827 impressions per week

The Mhayonnaise Online – 1,249 unique views per month

I’ve been blogging for a long time already, but I was not that serious before. I usually write based on my personal experiences, and I guarantee you, everything here is 100% true! #NoToFakeNews.

Today, I do partnerships and collaborations with brands, and I also write for existing group blogs. And I only do recommend products and services that I personally have experienced.

Let’s work together!

Stay connected! Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Zomato. I also am on VSCOTwitter, Goodreads, and wherever, just search @themhayonnaise. XOXO