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Oh, hi!
The name’s May! I’m a 27-year old single mom of one from Manila, Philippines. I have a full-time corporate job as an auditor, a compliance representative, and risk control officer of a multinational company.

Aside from this kinda scary, fun job, I like blogging as well – writing stories about life and maybe some lessons and stuff I think worth sharing.

I also enjoy traveling and I am a foodie, too! In my spare time, I usually read books, or paint random flowers, doodle some faces, sketch random shapes, and I also do photography. Yep, I am an almost-all-around hobbyist.

By the way, welcome to The Mhayonnaise Online. My blog is actually a personal site where I share my adventures, thoughts, and experiences. But I believe everything has a purpose so more than telling stories, with this blog I aim to:
—◘ Share how fun (and exhausting, yes) and rewarding “mom life” really is.
—◘ Inspire people with my personal stories and show them that there absolutely are bright sides to being a single mom.
—◘ Share tips on what and where to eat.
—◘ Share detailed articles on my travel experiences with guides, recommendations, and helpful tips.

You’re probably wondering how my blog is doing. Well, honestly, not so much. I’m already an “oldie” in the community, but a “newbie” in the industry, if you get what I mean.

I’ve been using “themhayonnaise” handle since 2010 on all of my online accounts. But I didn’t really track insights and I didn’t really mind attracting viewers. I took blogging more seriously just in 2017 December, when I had no one to talk because of some personal issues. Then started to explore opportunities sometime in 2018 when I joined a group of bloggers I now treat as a family.

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