Oh, hi! I’m May! I ‘m a 26-year-old single mom of one from Manila, Philippines. I have a full-time corporate job as an auditor, a compliance representative, and risk control officer of a multinational pharmaceutical company. Aside from this kinda scary, fun job, I like blogging as well – writing stories about life and maybe some lessons and stuff I think worth sharing.

I also enjoy traveling and I am a foodie, too! In my spare time, I usually read books, or paint random flowers, doodle some faces, sketch random shapes, and I also do photography. Yep, I am an almost-all-around hobbyist.

By the way, welcome to The Mhayonnaise Online. My blog is actually a personal site where I share my adventures, thoughts, and experiences.

I’ve been using “themhayonnaise” handle since 2009 on all of my online accounts. I got “Mhayonnaise” from my nick name -May- except I, honestly, couldn’t think of any other foodie word when I was first asked for a unique username. Haha!

So now, you’re probably wondering what I and my blog can offer. Well, honestly, not so much. But if you do love food, travel, and arts, (and a bit of life drama), feel free to pin or bookmark my page.

I’ve been blogging for a long time already, but I was not that serious before. I usually write based on my personal experiences, and I guarantee you, everything here is true. Yes, I do partnerships and collaborations with brands, but note that I write unbiased reviews and I only endorse products and services which I think my readers would love.

So maybe you’re not interested about my life stories, but I know that somehow, I could share life lessons, travel tips, food reviews, and a lot more that may interest you. If you’re looking for something to read and to laugh and to cry about, you are at the perfect place. Just click that menu navigator and sure you’re good to binge-read everything.

Since I started this particular site, I’ve been gaining 10-20% of views every week. Thanks to all my dramas and all the people who loves reading about my stories. Thanks, too, to those who would love to learn more about my foodie adventures. I’d love if you leave comments as well.

So yeah, if you are looking for a low-key online marketer or something, I can help you with that as well. Not so much for the influence, but let’s just say I have tons of words to write and will never run out. So aside from content writing, I can also be a regular contributor for your writing group or blog, in case you need one. Ah, just saying.


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