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Hello there! I’m May, aka The Mhayonnaise.
I’ve been using the handle since 2010, and now I’m all around the internet as The Mhayonnaise.

‘m a 26-year-old single mom of one from Manila, Philippines. I have a full-time corporate job as an auditor, a compliance representative, and risk control officer of a multinational pharmaceutical company. Pretty scary to blog about my life, huh? But don’t worry, I assure you what I share here is just around 3% of the puzzle.

What you can read here are more of my adventures on food and travel experiences, and some of my points about parenting. I try not to over-share (though when I’ve tried, it did very well about my blog traffic, lol), but I promise what I write here are my honest views and I really do my best to make it more educational for you guys to find them useful.

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