I’ve tried a lot of versions of ramen already, and to be honest, I’m not really sure yet which is the best. Okay, I know you have a specific ramen house in mind, but I just think they’re all good and they all have their own versions of “best” ramen. Let me know your thoughts!

Anyway, I love ramen. I’m just not a big fan of one. Maybe because eating a hole serving of ramen feels like consuming two or three servings of my usual dish – it’s too heavy. And I am a small but frequent eater. But there’s just times when I randomly crave for spicy ramen. I don’t know why, but since you’re here reading my ramen story, I know you also are craving for an amazing ramen. 😉

When I have these cravings I realized it’s good thing there is a ramen place just on the second floor of our office building. This is not your usual 300-400-peso ramen, but this is classic bowl of super yummy ramen that sells for only P180*! Tipid mode, diba? Perfect for a comfort food right after a loooong tiring day. I’d probably fall in love with ramen, thanks to Hakata Ton-Ichi.

While colorful and playful, the interiors of the restaurant still brings out the Japanese restaurant feels that truly compliments their dishes. Hakata Ton-ichi is a local franchise. Partnered with a Japanese ramen chef, their ramens are surely close to if not authentic.

The best seller is their Ton-Ichi Ramen – their classic ramen made with Ton-ichi broth, oil, and chashu pork, topped with onion leeks, kikurage, and a perfectly cooked tamago. Most of the people I asked which Hakata Ton-Ichi ramen did they like, this ton-ichi one is the most chosen. The broth is soooo flavorful and perfectly rich that you can possibly crave for it for almost everyday (at least I do, lol).

Because I looooove anything spicy, my usual order is their Red Ramen. It almost tastes like the first one, but spicy. This bowl comes with a special red oil mixed with Ton-ichi broth and chashu pork, also topped with onion leeks, kikurage and tamago.

The most interesting ramen here if the Black Ramen which is enriched with savoury squid ink. I personally didn’t love it as much as I loved the red ramen. But it’s also good!

Make the most of it and add side dishes, salad, and sushi to your ramen. Upgrade your meal to Hakata King’s Set and get all these at a great value. If you’re not into salad or sushi, but craving for donburi, get the Essential Ramen Set.

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As of writing, Hakata Ton-Ichi only has three branches strategically located at North Edsa and two in Makati. Featured Hakata Ton-Ichi branch is located at the 2nd floor of Ayala North Exchange, Lagaspi Village, Makati City.