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If you’re a Pinoy foodie and/or a traveler, I bet you already had a nice dining experience at or at least familiar with one of the Isdaan Floating restaurants across Luzon. Among those branches, my most recent visit was in Gerona, Tarlac. It just so happened that I was around the area so why not dine in one of the most IG-worthy restaurants in the Philippines?

Any of the Isdaan branches boasts not only their Thailand-inspired theme which is perfect for people who loves taking pictures, I also looooove their food. Being honest, service is a bit slow (common among all branches), once you get your food orders you’ll totally feel rewarded. Lol.

I travel a lot, and one of my biggest problems is I quickly get sunburns even along my ride to somewhere. But you know what, I finally found my skincare routine best for after-summer vacays. Here’s how I take care of my sun-burnt skin. Aside from sunburns and an empty wallet, what else do I get from traveling, by the way?

Moving on, another challenge is thinking of how can you make your story interesting enough to get people to listen or read your page. Photos! People love viewing photos more than reading detailed stories, so no matter how much information you have you still have to own a technique on editing your photos. Here’s mine.

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Tarlac is a landlocked province of the Philippines located in the Luzon island. Its capital is Tarlac City. Tarlac borders Pampanga to the south, Nueva Ecija to the east, Pangasinan to the north, and Zambales to the west. It is a part of Central Luzon, which is composed of Aurora, Bataan, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Tarlac, and Zambales.

Tarlac’s name is a Hispanized derivation from a talahib weed called in Ilokano word “Malatarlak”. Tarlac was originally a part of the provinces of Pampanga and Pangasinan. It was the last Central Luzon province to be organized under the Spanish administration in 1874. During the Philippine Revolution of 1896, Tarlac was one of the first eight provinces to rise in arms against Spain. It became the new seat of the first Philippine Republic in March 1899 when Emilio Aguinaldo abandoned the former capital, Malolos, Bulacan. This lasted only for a month, as the seat was moved to Nueva Ecija in Aguinaldo’s attempt to elude the pursuing Americans.

*Source: http://www.islandsproperties.com/places/tarlac.htm


Isdaan Floating Restaurant is a themed restaurant and park located in Gerona, Tarlac. It’s actually easy to spot as it’s seated along the highway.

One of my favorite thing about Isdaan is their floating nipa huts. They’re just so cute they make my photos look like a nice and hassle-free while I’m actually haggard and hungry in real life. HAHAHA. I also looooove seeing those koi fishes peacefully just swimming around waiting for you to drop at least few pieces of your rice. One staff say this large fishpen (isdaan) is about 6ft in depth, so stay careful, guys!

The ambience really makes me feel like I’m a traditional rural place – that kubo and luto ni nanay feels. Obviously, they specializes in seafood, but what I really loved most is their tinupig na manok. I’m honestly not sure if they also offer this item in their other branches, but tinupig is a well-known and well-prepared and most-loved in the northern Area of Luzon.

This is what makes me fall in love with food again (as if i ever fell out of love). It’s sooooo tasty and I feel like I can finish a whole chicken all by myself. In one seating. With rice.

This tinupig na manok is simply marinated overnight, wrapped in banana leaves then smoked-grilled. The only difference between this lovely tinupig and the usual roasted chicken is that it uses banana leaves to trap aaaaaalllll yummy flavors to be fully absorbed by the chicken from it’s skin deeeeep to it’s yummy meat.


How to get there?

Via Private Vehicle:
From Manila, take the way going to Baguio via MacArthur Highway. You can easily spot Isdaan along the highway (on your left) before reaching Gerona town proper.

Via Public Transportation:
From Tarlac proper, take the bus going North and tell the conductor to drop you off at Isdaan.
Alternative: From Gerona Junction or Town Proper, you can ride a tricycle going to Isdaan or just walk if you think you’re too strong (CHAROT). Travel distance is 1.5km.


  • Kubo above the waters. It’s common sense that there could be insects within the vicinity, but I’m still reminding you to wear insect repellent and stay safe!
  • All (as in everything) the menu items are a bit pricey. I don’t know what tip can I give you so just be ready with enough money. HAHA
  • Promos are available for groups, though. So take advantage of it!
  • There is poor to no reception to the internet. Better to enjoy the place, enjoy the food, and talk to your persons instead. ❤


Stay updated and check their website: http://isdaanfloatingrestaurant.com/. Or follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isdaanrestaurant/.

For inquiries or reservations call +639231763619 or you can email them at isdaan_tarlac@yahoo.com.

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