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I seriously hate waiting in looong lines most especially when I’m hungry. But it’s a worthy sacrifice if I want to reward myself with heavy and delicious dinner. Plus, it’s just common here in the Philippines, as most of the people are fans of “unlimited” meals – so very long lines in places that offer unli meat or even unli rice is not new.

My friends and I are planning our summer trip for this year, and our first meeting was really productive. Productive meaning we completed at least one day of our four-day itinerary. All thanks to a tasty and fun dining experience at Romantic Baboy.

8 types and flavors of meat

  • Herb Samgyupsal
  • Woo Samgyup
  • Moksal
  • Daepae Samgyupsal
  • Yangyumgalbi
  • Romantic Bulgogi
  • Spicy Beef
  • Curry Beef

Click photo to view.

You can enjoy all flavors of available pork and meat for only P499*, along with six types of side dishes (Also unlimited) – japchae, coleslaw, kimchi, chicken bites, fish cakes, scallion salad, and the standard in every korean grills; lettuce leaves, rice, and gochujang jjigae (soup). You can also ask for cheese and egg!

*rate as of January 2020.

What to expect:

  • Restaurants, especially those that offer unlimited food items, are often the busiest ones during peak hours – lunch and dinner. They seem to have enough staff, but volume of work makes the customers feel that they work slow. Believe me if I say they’re all doing their best. Sometimes, they feel really pressured and at the same time unappreciated. I know we’re hungry and we just want to eat, but it’s no excuse to shout at people who serves you.
  • Come early instead and always be patient. When we dined here, one of the waiters said “sorry po kung minsan natatgalan kami, marami na po kasing tao,” they were apologizing even we’re not complaining. Maybe because they feel embarrassed and pressured, that all of their customers would be mad because of “slow service”. But no, it’s their job to serve our food, and it’s OUR JOB to wait for our turn.
  • Romantic Baboy do not add service charges on your receipts. It’s your call if you think you should and could give tips to your servers.
  • Unlike other Korean grill restaurants, you can stay in Romantic Baboy for as long as you want – no time limit for orders or dining.
Romantic Baboy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Romantic Baboy is easily one of my top favorite restaurants. No matter how long the waiting line is, I’d still wait for this kind of reward. ❤

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