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Aside from its historic and very beautiful tourist spots, Cebu is also famous for their lechon – a roasted suckling pig. Lechon is a well-known Filipino dish, but it actually originated in Spain and only adapted and loved in the Philippines back in its Hispanic days. In the old days, people use baby pigs for lechon. It’s only now that we see bigger pigs roasted in sticks. But in my opinion (and this may sound awkward), roasted baby pigs are yummier than adult pigs.

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Yep, I felt a little awkward there, because no matter how famous this dish is, many people are still judging the way we cook our pigs. Which is understandable, if I may say. But this has been part of our culture and local cuisine ever since and it’s not as if we don’t pork at all (well, except for vegetarians). Anyway, let me shift the story to this beautiful restaurant in Cebu where I really enjoyed my dinner alone for the first time in a veeeery long time.

house of lechon cebu | themhayonnaise

In this linked article on What to Eat PH, the team shared how they enjoyed the new dishes recently launched by House of Lechon in Avila branch, Cebu. Now I’m sharing my experience dining in House of Lechon located in Acacia Street, Cebu City where I billeted in a near hotel. I was actually super hungry already I didn’t think of trying unfamiliar dishes anymore, and I didn’t try the Carcar lechon! (OMG. But I’ll be back.) FYI – Carcar is a city in Cebu, South of Cebu City. It’s one of the main source of the original lechon Cebu flavor that both locals and tourists love.

I heard from people in Manila that House of Lechon has must-try menu items and a must-visit when you’re in Cebu City. I was just super lazy before but this time, hunger won. When I knew (thanks, Google map) the restaurant is just 6-minute-walk away from my hotel, I thought to myself “sh*t sige na nga gutom na ko (fine, I’m really hungry!“. So walked 450 meters at 7 or 8 pm that night and fortunately I didn’t thought of just ordering online.

I honestly didn’t expect much before going there. All I want is a good dinner, get back to my hotel room, enjoy the bathtub, and sleep on my comfy bed. When I arrived at the restaurant, I was like “wow,” – the lights are very nicely placed outside the resto, the colors of the interiors are not very fancy yet looks very millennial. You’d think food there are expensive, when in fact it’s reasonable considering the taste, quality, and serving of the food.

Speaking of food, they’re all soooooo YUMMMMMYYYY, I can now vouch for everyone who’s saying House of Lechon is a must-visit. I ordered my favorites – ginisang munggo, lechon sisig and baked scallops – because I was being cautious, tbh. But the’re all so soooo good, my order was for three or four persons (I think) but I ate it all plus solo serving of rice (which comes in a small kaldero). G, how to discipline myself po?

House of Lechon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This branch of House of Lechon is located at Acacia Street, Kamputhaw, Cebu City. For inquiries and reservations contact 032 2310958 or
+63 9153176357 or follow them on Facebook @HouseofLechonCebu an in Instagram @houseoflechon.

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