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When we hear or see the word “ROMBLON”, the first thing that comes to mind is “MARBLE” (or marmol, in Tagalog). But really, Romblon is more than just the “Marble Capital of the Philippines”. It’s also home to crystal clear beaches, healthy and rich marine life, very gentle and friendly people, and greeaaaat food.

Romblon is one of the provinces of the Philippines with most kept beauty. This gem, are not always on the travel bucket lists even of most Filipinos. If I’m not mistaken, it’s just now that the tourism in Romblon is growing, and sadly, it’s not growing as fast as El Nido’s, Batanes’, Boracay’s. If only tourist are aware how much beauty and fun it offers.

Located in the MIMAROPA Region, Romblon has three main islands – Romblon Island, the provincial capital; Sibuyan, and Tablas, the largest among the three. The province lies south of Marinduque and Quezon, east of Oriental Mindoro, north of Aklan and Capiz, and west of Masbate.

the boathouse | sibuyan island romblon | themhayonnaise


We found the Boathouse in a list of the most recommended home rental in Google (the forever best friend). We immediately contacted Ate Laarni, owner of the place, and made sure we booked the rooms available to accommodate 9 persons.

The Boathouse only has three rooms for available for rental. One room for two, and two other rooms for three to four. The house has two bathrooms so it’s easy for us to take turns when we needed to take a bath. The Boatroom comes with a boat shaped double bed and a private comfort room. And both the Backpacker Lodges are equipped with bunk beds and a shared comfort room. In the house, there also are hammocks where you can lie down and chill. A separate area beside the main house is dedicated for dining and a loft-style area where you can also spend time with your group to play to eat or just have fun.

The Boathouse is embedded in the area of the well-known Olango Bay, which is almost 30 minutes away from Azagra Port and almost one hour away from Cajidiocan Pier.

The Boathouse was constructed on April 2014 then refreshed on June 2016. The most used construction parts in the Boathouse are made from natural materials such as – wood – bamboo – savalli and nipa.

This is the ideal place for upcoming exploration tours through the rain-forest, the neighboring waterfalls and starting point for to climb up to the summit of Mount Guiting Guiting.
Sibuyan Adventures, the tour operator closeby, coordinate all listed activities and your personal tours.

For more details about the house, visit their website: Isle Dreams > Sibuyan > The Boathouse. You can view the Boathouse on Google maps here.

I travel a lot, and one of my biggest problems is I quickly get sunburns even along my ride to somewhere. But you know what, I finally found my skincare routine best for after-summer vacays. Here’s how I take care of my sun-burnt skin. Aside from sunburns and an empty wallet, what else do I get from traveling, by the way?

Moving on, another challenge is thinking of how can you make your story interesting enough to get people to listen or read your page. Photos! People love viewing photos more than reading detailed stories, so no matter how much information you have you still have to own a technique on editing your photos. Here’s mine.

Read more of my Romblon Trip here >> TheMhayonnaise x Romblon

Before summer ended, I and my gorgeous friends (ok) had a quick 3-day trip, which took us months to plan. Basically because we needed to meet up and finalize the itinerary face-to-face, else we knew it’d be one of our beautiful “drawing” we’re keeping in frames. “Quick” because we tried hopping among the three main islands of Romblon in three days and even if we had only one day in each island, time spent didn’t disappoint at all. In fact, the short trip gave us more than enough reasons to go back there soon.

On our first day, we explored a little part of Romblon Island, where another sunset experience joined my list of the most beautiful and peaceful sunsets of my lifetime. We learned a lot about marbles, and witnessed first-hand the beautiful beaches around the island. We stayed in San Pedro Beach Resort, where enjoyed hanging out and bonding and catching up with the whole gang.

the boathouse | sibuyan island romblon | themhayonnaise


When is the best time to visit Romblon?
This really had me thinking – WHY PEOPLE CHOOSE CROWDED PLACES OVER A PEACEFUL ONE?! Guess it’s all about advertising and branding, just how things work with products and other stuff.

Romblon is actually a safe place. In most of the beaches, stand perfect spots for diving (if only I can dive and take videos, so I could give you examples of “perfect”)and what makes it better is you can dive all year round – well except when there’s a rude typhoon who doesn’t know how to blend in, pfft.
How to get there?
Romblon at large is very much underrated. Sadly, when people hear Romblon they just see marbles and loooots of them. It’s nice that during the weeks I and my friends posted our photos, we got comments and questions like “where was this? it’s so nice!”, “where have you been? the beaches there looks great!”. I mean, these are just pictures. If you are into beaches and exploring islands, I’d recommend Romblon over and over again!

get there via plane When I first posted on IG and Facebook, many of my friends were asking, “how to get there? That’s via roro, right?” Most of them were not aware that there is more or less than an hour direct flight from Manila to Tablas via Tugdan Airport. From Tablas, book a ferry ride to Romblon, Romblon.
get there via ferry If you have more time, less budget, and brave enough to sail the seas at night (hehe the thought of being a pirate in my past life hits me sometimes) you can take the ferry like we did. 2Go Travels offers daily trip from Batangas Port to Romblon Port. Better check their site for the updated schedules and rates, and book online. The trip is 6-7 hours long. From the port is 2 24-30-minute ride via tricycle which you can hire/rent for around Php200* per trip.

From Romblon port, hire/rent a tricycle going to Cajidiocan Port, (Php400*per tricycle per trip for 4-5pax). From Cajidiocan Port, rent a tricycle as well (Php1,600* per unit for 4-5pax) going to The Boathouse. You can also request to get you to Azagra Market, where you can shop food for baon, San Fernando Tourism Office for tourist registration (Php50* per head). The rate also includes your service from The Boathouse to Azagra Port (embark to Cresta de Gallo).

*rates are as of May. 2019
the boathouse | sibuyan island romblon | themhayonnaise
Planning a Sibuyan, Romblon trip? Book your reservations at The Boathouse as early as now and call or text Ate Laarni at +63 917 936 6223. She can also help find you a driver/boatman for your tours, too!


the boathouse | sibuyan island romblon | themhayonnaise

If you are looking for a cozy place to stay after a loooong day of island hopping. The Boathouse is probably one of the best place you can find. It’s also one of the top choices for groups that are hiking up Mt. Guiting Guiting, a famous mountain in Sibuyan.

Fortunately, I can vouch all the hotels/resorts we chose for this trips was more than what we expected. This trip made us realize how helpful blog articles and accommodation reviews are.

For more details and updates, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, The Boathouse Sibuyan.

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