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I was in a food trip with a friend last week and just out of nowhere I just thought I haven’t had a bowl of pares yet, as in EVERRR. I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews of different versions of pares around the Metro, but I also am aware there is this one place where you can actually find the best pares in town.

Back when I was in grade school or maybe high school (gosh, I feel old), I remember, along the main street near our house was a line of stalls serving goto, lugaw, mami, pares and I didn’t know what else. That place were very patok, like every night, you’d end up walking on the streets instead of that sidewalk just to avoid the crowd. Most of our guy friends usually go there and eat pares. The place, though, was very open, and each dishes were served quickly and washed quickly as well. I can still smell the dishwashing soap they used until now. Okay, it was a turn off. I’d eat a street food, don’t get me wrong, but with the smell of soap, no thanks. But to be fair, friends say their food was actually good.

So all those times, I thought pares were served just along streets and served the same way. Until I knew about The Original Pares and Mami House. It looks like your usual carienderia, but bigger, and actually can be considered already as a restaurant, as they have a closed and air-conditioned area upstairs already. The place is clean, though you can notice it’s already a bit old but still has this welcoming vibes for the patrons.

front view of one of the carienderias and famous restaurants in metro manila

We got there at lunch time, around 11am, and there already were lines of people waiting for vacant seats and obviously craving for pares already. Well, aside from their most-famous pares, they also offer wide varieties of dishes to satisfy your stress-eating craving (lol, why did I thought of stress rn?! I think I need to get back for another order of pares asap!). Seriously, I hear their food are really comforting. ❤

The beef pares is a slow-cooked beef stew. It is served with a bowl of garlic fried rice with small chops of chorizo and scrambled egg. It also is paired with a hot bowl of soup, and yep, chili sauce for the spice-lovers.

The beef he pares sauce is usually thick and sweet. It’s really tasty, you’ll need more rice to neutralize the flavor. What I loved more is the meat was perfectly cooked and perfectly tender. Overall, I loved the dish, especially when it’s spicy and partnered with ice-cold Coke. (OMG)

beef pares served with fried rice, chili sauce, and soup

I’m honestly not sure if I should be thankful that this is my first pares experience, because it really set my pares standards high. I’m wondering if this already is the best, or there is still this undiscovered competitor who would easily grab the trophy?

Original Pares & Mami House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The Original Pares Mami House is located at N.S Amoranto (also known as Retiro) St., Sr. Avenue, La Loma, Quezon City. That’s one hour or more from where I live, because of you know, Manila traffic. The place is open to serve you the best pares 24/7 (except particular holidays). Check their official Facebook page for updates!

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