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I don’t know about you, but I really love pigging out especially when it’s cold! Okay, I pig out as well even if it’s hot. But let’s be honest, it feels super good foodtriping in Baguio. And what’s more perfect than a restaurant offering an all-you-can-eat samgyeopsal?

Kung Jeon Restaurant Baguio | themhayonnaise
Excuse my shot, I almost forgot to take pictures!

I went to Baguio and spent the weekend there with my office team mates basically to work and shop at the thrift stores and street ukay-ukay. And since we all are foodies, our first stop when we reached Baguio was a restaurant that offers – wait for it – unlimited Korean barbeque (because we missed Manila after five to six hours of drive!

You read it right! I don’t know about you, but apparently, there are few Korean places in Baguio that are already well-known and some of them have even more better food and flavors than what we have here in Manila. Maybe because they have fresher greens? Idk.

One of those places is Kung Jeon Korean Palace. It’s just along the way to Camp John Hay and to Kamiseta Hotel where we stayed in so it was very convenient for us to just have our lunch there.

  • Kung Jeon Restaurant Baguio | themhayonnaise
  • Kung Jeon Restaurant Baguio | themhayonnaise

First thing I noticed was that they really have this Korean food house ambience which was nice and would really make you feel like you’re eating in a typical Korean resto. They also have a good parkimg area which I think was just enough to accommodate their customers. Similar to other samgyup places, they also have Korean dresses for both men and women that are free for you to try and take pictures in.

As to the food, I honestly didn’t expect much, but it came out actually really good. On the buffet table, they have different kinda and flavors if meat such as pork liempo, pork bulgogi, spicy marinated pork, boneless chicken strips, and beef belly. Again, sorry I don’t have pictures, but they also have a wide variety of side dishes. Just a heads-up though: they don’t have cheese. So if it’s already in the plan, maybe drop by the grocery first and grab that creamy, yummy cheese you truly deserve.

Kung Jeon Korean Palace is located at 38 South Drive, Baguio City. You can contact them at 074 446 7557 / 0927 321 6375. Follow them on Facebook for more updates!

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