I’m moving to a new site! It’s been two fun years since I activated themhayonnaiseonline, and I thank you for giving it a wonderful life. I thought it’s too late for moving to a new home, but I’m here to take risks! I mean, why not? You’ll still visit me there, right? Let’s connect and read new stories at THEMHAYONNAISE.COM!

It’s so nice to have a family who supports me at what I love doing – my job, being a mom, a traveler, a foodie, a blogger. I really am thankful that everytime I say “I wanna do this,” they’re there holding me up like my number one fan. As much as I could, I want them to also experience and see why I love the outdoors. This time, I brought them to my fave nearest vacay spot – Tagaytay.

Tagaytay is the city people’s favorite weekend spot not only because it’s cooler there than here in Manila, it is a home to good food as well. And one of the top restaurants I would recommend, of course, is Charito by Bag of Beans.

I know, I know, you’re already familiar with the brand. The brand has been famous since they opened in 2016, named after the owner, Charito. And among the all the branches of Bag of Beans, Charito is what I love the most.

I travel a lot, and one of my biggest problems is I quickly get sunburns even along my ride to somewhere. But you know what, I finally found my skincare routine best for after-summer vacays. Here’s how I take care of my sun-burnt skin. Aside from sunburns and an empty wallet, what else do I get from traveling, by the way?

Moving on, another challenge is thinking of how can you make your story interesting enough to get people to listen or read your page. Photos! People love viewing photos more than reading detailed stories, so no matter how much information you have you still have to own a technique on editing your photos. Here’s mine.

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“The Greatest Legacy We Can Leave Our Children Is Happy Memories.”
– Og Mandino.

  • charito by bag of beans | themhayonnaise

With it’s rustic and classy interiors, I guarantee you’ll never run out of things to get amazed or take pictures of. They also have enough parking spaces that would fit at at least more than five cars. Outside is a nice green garden you will find very relaxing, plus there are a family of koi fishes in the pond you can play with.

Freshly baked goodies are also sold and are available day and night from the branch’ dedicated pastry store. If you are a coffee lover visiting BoB for the first time, I’d suggest you buy yourself a bag of their premium barako coffee – tastes so good!

  • charito by bag of beans | themhayonnaise
  • charito by bag of beans | themhayonnaise

Anyway, we were here to share my Charito by BoB experience with my family, and I am glad they very much liked it. My sister even bought herself a branded mug!

At first, you’ll have the impression of “these meals must be very expensive” (because I did, too) but they’re actually not that pricey considering the amount and quality. They have large serving per plate, even the light meal options feels heavy. Charito is actually was designed to capture the upper class market, obviously shown by the French-inspired features of the restaurant.

Below are what we ordered for breakfast on our family day in Tagaytay.

  • charito by bag of beans | themhayonnaise
  • charito by bag of beans | themhayonnaise
  • charito by bag of beans | themhayonnaise
  • charito by bag of beans | themhayonnaise
  • charito by bag of beans | themhayonnaise

I had garlic beef tapa, with a well-balanced saltiness and sweetness (plus I loved their garlic rice, and I rarely likes someone else’s garlic rice). My mom had a carbonara and Mnemo had some bites, too. They loved it. It’s creamy and perfect for the baby and lola. One of my sister wanted to try the tapa as well, but for the sake of my blog I told her to try another option (lol) and she had breakfast sausage and bacon – because she really loves bacon. It was served with little pieces of fruits, too, so another points for Mnemo. 🙂

My other sister, my brother, and my dad chose lighter meals. My sister had a cheese Hungarian sausage (or not?) because she thought it was a sandwich as it was listed under the “sandwiches” section (idk, if it was on purpose or the server just got it wrong). My brother has this cheeseburger he thought that was a regular burger but really a big one. He’s a ogre-big guy and he needed to cut the burger in half. If I’m a giant I’d finish one burger in one bite. Finally my dad had a clubhouse sandwhich basically because he already had his breakfast at home while waiting for us prepare. Hay, people.

We also ordered the go-to item in every menu – a chicken and pork adobo for our driver which he said was good. It was a very nice day and we actually feel awkward if we let him stay outside, we’re not used to having a driver anyways.

charito by bag of beans | themhayonnaise

Charito by Bag of Beans is located at 150 Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika East, Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay City, serving great food between 6:30am to 10pm.

View their full menu on Zomato (Charito by Bag of Beans), and follow their official pages on IG (@bagofbeans_tagaytay) and Facebook (Bag of Beans) for more details and updates!

Charito by Bag of Beans Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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