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When we hear or see the word “ROMBLON”, the first thing that comes to mind is “MARBLE” (or marmol, in Tagalog). But really, Romblon is more than just the “Marble Capital of the Philippines”. It’s also home to crystal clear beaches, healthy and rich marine life, very gentle and friendly people, and greeaaaat food.

Romblon is one of the provinces of the Philippines with most kept beauty. This gem, are not always on the travel bucket lists even of most Filipinos. If I’m not mistaken, it’s just now that the tourism in Romblon is growing, and sadly, it’s not growing as fast as El Nido’s, Batanes’, Boracay’s. If only tourist are aware how much beauty and fun it offers.

Located in the MIMAROPA Region, Romblon has three main islands – Romblon Island, the provincial capital; Sibuyan, and Tablas, the largest among the three. The province lies south of Marinduque and Quezon, east of Oriental Mindoro, north of Aklan and Capiz, and west of Masbate. You can view my map here.

I travel a lot, and one of my biggest problems is I quickly get sunburns even along my ride to somewhere. But you know what, I finally found my skincare routine best for after-summer vacays. Here’s how I take care of my sun-burnt skin. Aside from sunburns and an empty wallet, what else do I get from traveling, by the way?

Moving on, another challenge is thinking of how can you make your story interesting enough to get people to listen or read your page. Photos! People love viewing photos more than reading detailed stories, so no matter how much information you have you still have to own a technique on editing your photos. Here’s mine.

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When is the best time to visit Romblon?
This really had me thinking – WHY PEOPLE CHOOSE CROWDED PLACES OVER A PEACEFUL ONE?! Guess it’s all about advertising and branding, just how things work with products and other stuff.

Romblon is actually a safe place. In most of the beaches, stand perfect spots for diving (if only I can dive and take videos, so I could give you examples of “perfect”)and what makes it better is you can dive all year round – well except when there’s a rude typhoon who doesn’t know how to blend in, pfft.
How to get there?
Romblon at large is very much underrated. Sadly, when people hear Romblon they just see marbles and loooots of them. It’s nice that during the weeks I and my friends posted our photos, we got comments and questions like “where was this? it’s so nice!”, “where have you been? the beaches there looks great!”. I mean, these are just pictures. If you are into beaches and exploring islands, I’d recommend Romblon over and over again!

get there via plane When I first posted on IG and Facebook, many of my friends were asking, “how to get there? That’s via roro, right?” Most of them were not aware that there is more or less than an hour direct flight from Manila to Tablas via Tugdan Airport. From Tablas, book a ferry ride to Romblon, Romblon.
get there via ferry If you have more time, less budget, and brave enough to sail the seas at night (hehe the thought of being a pirate in my past life hits me sometimes) you can take the ferry like we did. 2Go Travels offers daily trip from Batangas Port to Romblon Port. Better check their site for the updated schedules and rates, and book online. The trip is 6-7 hours long. From the port is 2 24-30-minute ride via tricycle which you can hire/rent for around Php200 per trip (at least as of May 2019.)


We knew San Pedro Beach Resort from different travel blogs, but most of them are already outdated. Anyhow, the resort managed to maintain the good reviews for years. I personally found the place very relaxing, thanks to all the greens which made it more homey. Most of the beach resorts we know today only features coconut trees which serves a nice spot for Instagram selfies, but San Pedro Beach Resort offeres a lot more than coconut trees – a garden like space that could actually make you forget you’re at a beach!

We booked for four rooms for the group. To be honest, we didn’t expect a nice room as we chose a cheap accommodation for our 5-day trip. It was our first night staying in Romblon, so we didn’t have any idea that we could actually expect more from their beach resorts.

Judging the resort from the outside, you’d expect a full hut of nipa, instead of marbles. But upon seeing our rooms, our reaction, literally was “wooow“. We’re from Manila, and though we already thought of seeing marbles everywhere in Romblon (even their park was made of marbles!), we still were impressed that the floor of each room was fully tiled. (Haha, sorry I just had to laugh at myself while writing this because my reaction was really funny.)

San Pedro Beach Resort has only eight nipa hut fan rooms along its beach. So obviously, it is much better to book your accommodations early or at least two weeks before your intended stay. Room rate was Php900* for 2 pax, and with additional of Php200* for an extra mattress.

*rates as of May 2019.

I don’t have enough pictures here (I don’t know why! But thanks to my friend Rob for sharing his shots.) but really, the beach side and even right outside the resort lobby is Instagrammable. It’s just that our first day was super busy we didn’t had enough time to roam around the resort.

San Pedro Beach Resort, Romblon | themhayonnaise

They also have a small in house restaurant where they offer affordable home-cooked food such as adobo, sinigang, and a lot more. They also serve all-day breakfast and you sure need to try their longganisa!

Planning a Romblon trip? Book your reservations at San Pedro Beach Resort as early as now and call or text Ate Mina at +639282730515 or +639951893343. She can also help find you a driver/boatman for your tours, too!


San Pedro Beach Resort, Romblon | themhayonnaise

San Pedro Beach Resort, since it was our first day in Romblon, honestly set a standard on where we were staying next. All the marbles, the good food, great service – we all were hoping the same if not better on the next two nights.

Fortunately, I can vouch all the hotels/resorts we chose for this trips was more than what we expected. This trip made us realize how helpful blog articles and accommodation reviews are.

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  1. Hello, thank you for your blog. We will also travel to Romblon. I have a question, perhaps you can help me. Is there wifi signal from Globe or Smart at the resort? Thank you, Caroline


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