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I’m more than proud that tourism in Catanduanes is slowly booming. I didn’t grow up there, I didn’t live there long enough to say I am from there, but I super love the place. Catanduanes is really very homey not because my parents were from there, but because it feels homey.

However, as happy as I could be, I also am worried. You know what happens to an island when discovered and visited by irresponsible guests.

Twin Rock Beach Resort is probably the most well-known resort in Catanduanes that if you are a tourist, it’s impossible no one would recommend it.

The resort was beautiful, hence the fame. Unfortunately, we didn’t enjoy the beach. (This is also a reminder that I do honest reviews!) We dipped for like 5 minutes just because Mnemo was excited for her first “swimming at seas” experience, but after a few snaps for her journal, we literally ran to the shore.

Considering the peak season, we already expected the crowd during our visit. However, we didn’t expect that kind of crowd. The resort literally became less attractive where random groups of people were just hanging out and eating and throwing their trash everywhere.

I’m not blaming the resort. I mean, they actually won an award in the past. I blame the people, the guests who are not sensitive enough to mind good travel etiquette. How could you just leave your garbage on the shore? I really don’t get you, guys.

We arrived the resort in the afternoon and had our lunch there. In fairness, the food was fine. We enjoyed every dish we ordered and even the mango shake was great. The staff was nice, too, and Mnemo liked the girl who served our food. I mean, thank God, we had good vibes when ate!

  • Twin Rock | themhayonnaise
  • Twin Rock | themhayonnaise

Generally, the resort was great. Since we came during the low tide, I understand the shore was full of sea weeds and other sea stuff (but seriously, people, throw your garbage in the trash can!). But the view was amazing, the service was great, and most definitely the rooms were unexpectedly good. So yep, I’d still recommend visiting Twin Rock. Just be a responsible traveler, can you?

Twin Rock Beach Resort

Igang Catanduanes, Virac, Philippines

Check availability and prices at their website: twinrockcatanduanes.com. Special rates are available on Agoda or you can compare hotel rates on Trip Advisor.

Click above photo to score great Agoda deals!

How to get to Catanduanes?
Getting to Catanduanes Island is easy, as there are only two options on how to get there – air and land travel. Only two airlines offer direct flights to the island, and while the air travel may only take you an hour, land travel may take up to 16 hours. So yep, that’s an easy choice depending on your priority.
+ via air travel

Only Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific offer a direct flights to Catanduanes from Clark and Manila respectively as of date. Landing in Virac airport, the capital town of Catanduanes, you may hire a tricycle for more than an hour ride to Binurong Point jump-off, Baras.

+ via land and sea travel

If you’re commuting, I recommend RSL bus as such have trips direct to Virac. Other bus lines offer trips from Manila, Pasay, or Cubao to Tabaco Port. From Tabaco, take the ferry to Virac. Total travel hours make take up to 14 to 16 hours. Yep! That’s more than half a day, so think twice – are you willing to give up the money or the time?

+ via land and sea travel (private)

If you’re taking your car, additional ferry charges may apply. Private transpo may take almost the same time as public commute, but at least you have the control on where and when to take short breaks. Here’s the suggested trail via Waze.

How to get to Twin Rock?
It’s just 20-30 minutes away from Virac town proper. You can either hire a van or a tricycle to get you there. I can’t give you any recommendations as we used a private vehicle, but on my next visit I will share contact infos of trusted drivers. In the mean time, I really rely on Waze, so here’s a suggested trail to Twin Rock Beach Resort.

We got a closed cottage at 600php per night with 1 double sized bed, fan ventilated. No private wash room, so we needed to line up to the common bathroom and shower. Anyway, we just stayed there for few hours.

Aside from closed cottages, they also offer the following: click bullet items to expand.

Deluxe room 1 -with 1 queen sized bed, air-conditioned, bathroom with hot and cold shower
-entrance fee for beach and swimming pool included for 2 persons
-complimentary breakfast for 2 persons
Deluxe 10 -with 3 Double deck beds, Cable TV, bathroom with hot and cold shower
-entrance fee for beach and swimming pool is included for 2 persons
-complimentary breakfast for 2 persons
Nipa Rock Room with 1 single bed and 1 double sized bed
-cable TV, air-conditioned, bathroom
-entrance fee for 2 persons beach access is included (swimming pool entrance is not included)
See more rooms and updated rates here.

The resort’s beach entrance fee was 50php/head for adults and 35php/head for children from 3-10 years of age. They also have separate fee for the swimming pool open until 10pm for 75php/head for adults and 50php/head for children.


To be honest, not just about Twin Rock Beach Resort, people really have to practice being more responsible while traveling. Not just because it is disgusting, but also embarrassing – for the foreigners, for the locals, our friends, our families and sady for our children. Let us not make it a habit to just say “trabaho yan ng mga empleyado dyan” and start being a role model to everyone. Gaano ba kahirap magtapon ng basura sa tamang basurahan?

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2 thoughts on “Twin Rock Beach Resort Virac, Catanduanes

  1. This is annoyingly sad, tbh. The Philippines will never prosper when we, as a citizen, cannot discipline ourselves. We want change, but we cannot even throw away a single candy wrapper properly, or can’t even follow simple rules/etiquette. Oh well. Hay, Pilipinas. 🙂


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