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Going somewhere fun in South, but more concerned about getting great food before the roadtrip? The very problem of every foodie! Think one of the best spot for chillin’ and try new foods you can take pictures of and share on social media. Yep. One of them is the Commune Hall. So you better put together your all your lists of photo captions for your Instagram food posts before you even go!

Commune Hall, perfectly located at the third floor, right next to the cinemas, offers a wide variety of food choices in partnership with 12 food stores  – from Japanese or Korean meals, mouth-watering steaks and burgers, and even unique drink mixes or humble desserts. The place can accommodate at least 70 people, plus people can also “buy and run” for when their movie’s about to start!

About this place

Commune Hall

Third Floor, Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

10am to 10pm, Mondays to Sundays


Getting around

A large part of the third floor is dedicated for Commune Hall dinners and the overall area is big enough to accommodate you, your friends, and families to indulge with varieties of foods from different interesting stalls.

Well, aside from offering delicious food, Commune Hall also serves as a nice place for you to stay and work on your tasks as they offer free wifi connections, and ample sockets for your laptops or phones.

What to eat

◘◘ Fiery Style Almexo.Fiery Style offers the best of Southwestern food. They delivers Texas-Mexican favorites such as burgers, steaks, tacos, and more. Everything here would satisfy your cravings at an affordable price. Start your meal with some of everyone’s favorite nachos, and try out some rib eye steak for the main dish and partner it with a cold drink.

◘◘ Happy Greens. Started with organic sugar, Happy Greens started their first salad stall, thus they got exposed to organic vegetables in the farms of Amadeo and became sugar-free. Currently, they have 10 salad recipes – 2 classics and 8 home creations by Happy Greens – with no flavor enhancers, no artificial colors. They’re 100% organic and really good for people who says “no” to sinful foods.
Fun fact: the names of their salad dishes means “happy” in different languages. One of those is the “Maayo”, which means “happy” in Visaya.

◘◘ Chiara’s Gelateria. Chiara’s Gelateria was named after the owners’ daughter, and also means clear and pure. They offer varieties of gelato and cakes. They also have biscotti, merangue, and cantucci, all served with authentic Italian taste.
You should definitely wrap things up with the Mango Almond Cake, our most recommended dessert. Or you can try their very delicious gelatos and I personally think they’re all great so just choose from Speculous (salted caramel), hazelnut, chocolate, straciatella gelatos and more!

◘◘ Nonna’s Pasta and Pizzeria. From the famous Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen, Nonna’s Pasta and Pizzeria (named after her daughter) also has their classic but inventive style in pastas and pizzas we all loved. Each dish is made from scratch that will make you feel like you’re dining in you Lola’s loving home.
Must-tries: Quatro Formaggi, all meat, spinach and goat cheese, Hawaiian, and tabarnes, best partnered with their very own hot honey. You should also try their Salted Egg Mac N Cheese for a unique and tasty experience.

◘◘ Boru. Boru specializes in Japanese food and serves their famous dishes such as fresh sushi, ramen, maki roll, and a lot more.

◘◘ Shrimp Hut. Another craving will be satisfied with Shrimp Hut’s meals. But before binge-eating, know that shrimp is low in calories and in fact one of the secret ways to weight-loss.  Plus, shrimp is a very convenient food that can be eaten in just about any way and can join just about any dish. The Shrimp Hot Special and Garlic Butter Shrimp is best for “hangry” people because they’re sooooo good.

◘◘ Food for the Seoul. With the current trend in K-POP and everything Korean, it is understandable why we also explore the Korean culture in food and drinks. Food for the Seoul delivers wide choices of Korean food you can always try.

◘◘ The Commune Bar (TCB). Commune Hall is not just about food. They also serve different kinds of drinks from smoothies, frappe, or even alcohol-based.

◘◘ Street Eats. Every tusok tusok food is common to all Pinoys. Let’s admit it, they’re all the same. What I personally liked with Street Eats was their food were not dripping with unnecessary amount of oil. Plus, they offer sweet and spicy sauce, and sweet sauce, which I really loved.

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