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We’ve tried a lot of Filipino restaurants from around the country, and we have to admit, we cannot compare them as they have different cooking styles. And that is why we all love Pinoy dishes. We barely get used to adobo, dinuguan, crispy pata, pancit, and even kakanin because when we get the chance to try it in different places, we get to eat different versions as well. Pinoy food is never “nakakasawa“.


Syudad by Barrio Fiesta

Featured branch is located at: Golden Valley Subdivision, Malanday, Marikina City

10am to 10pm, Mondays to Sundays

PHP1000 for two people (approx.; rate as of 2019)

View their full menu on Zomato (Syudad by Barrio Fiesta)

Syudad by Barrio Fiesta is one of those restaurants that continuously giving us a reason why we love Filipino food. Crispy pata – check. Inihaw – check. Kare kare – check. Kakainin – check. There is honestly nothing more to ask for when dining in Syudad.

Syudad by Barrio Fiesta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

On our recent visit, Syudad served us some of their best-sellers:

Click bullet items for photos.

Sinalab (P825*). A mix of grilled seafood (chicken, pork, hito, bangus, halaan, pusit, tahong , crab, talong and ensaladang mangga) served with pata sauce, vinegar, and bagoong balayan.
Crispy chicken (P365*). Each order gives you a generous serving of house-blended gravy, especially made for their crispy chicken.
The usual serving of bulalo steak is chopped, but Syudad loves bringing you their yummy dishes in a different way. Their Sizzling Bulalo Steak is served unsliced.
This soup called Bouillabaisse (P585*) was honestly a surprise. It looks plain and simple, right? It’s actually a traditional foreign dish from Provence, but Syudad managed to fit it’s flavor to a Pinoy’s taste buds. It’s usually served with variety of fish, but this one’s served with different kinds of seafood.
Their Crispy Pata (P670*) was superb, and definitely one of the best crispy patas we’ve ever tasted – the skin was crispy and not the usual oily while the meat was tender and there is not scary chunks of fat that people are usually afraid of. As one of the most common Pinoy deep-fried dish, this one’s probably on our top 5 list of best crispy patas in Manila.

And have I mentioned you can take home an uncooked one for pasalubong? Deep fry this frozen crispy pata for 7 minutes on each side and enjoy a wonderful dinner with the family.
Kare kare (P440*) is another Syudad favorite. With a generous serving of meat and vegetables and topped with mushrooms, you can never say no to a hot steamy rice with bagoong on the side!

Have another win with Syudad’s Meryenda buffet served everyday at 3pm to 6pm. Indulge with famous varieties of  Pinoy favorites such as pancit, dinuguan, and ginataang halu-halo. You can also enjoy their very homey home-cooked kakainin. What we loved most is their kutsinta which was beyond the ordinary.

Looking for a good place to hold your upcoming event? This branch in Marikina can accommodate up to 80 people. You need smaller space for a smaller group? They also have a function room that we think can hold up to 20 sitting guests.

*rates as of September 2018.
This article is also published at What to Eat PH.

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