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Taiwanese cuisine has many variations, and just like what we enjoy with Pinoy food, it also got its flavorful taste from the influences of different Asian countries like China and Japan. What’s more interesting about Asian cuisine? The distinctive and mouth-watering taste of Asian spices.

Not craving yet? Well, aside from Savor Restaurant and Skewered from different parts of Asia, today, I am glad to share that I fell hard in love once again with Asian cuisine. All thanks to Fat Fook Kitchen. (P.S. I fall in love with food every single day, tbh. Lol.)

By the way, we already are transferring to the new building! I haven’t mentioned this here yet, but we are transferring offices from somewhere in Legaspi to Ayala. I was honestly torn between being excited and worried at first because: 1) excited for the new building, the co-working space, and most of all, the free-flowing coffee; 2) worried because traffic in Ayala can never be described in words.

Anyway, so we got our things from the old building already to organize everything in our lockers (which I feel very unfortunate with, because someone used mine. SOMEONE USED MY LOCKER. Okay, already three days since I knew, but I am still pissed.) but I forgot my toiletries pouch in the old building so I had to get back there again (to a very scary view of crushed glassed windows and creepy fluctuating lights, and unorganized office chairs) to take my beloved pouch. So I asked my dad and my mom and Mnemo to accompany me while I acted like the bravest office girl of all.

Skipping all the terror, I’ll talk about the more fun time of the day – LUNCH! Since I was with a couple of not-so-young lovebirds, thinking and choosing what to eat was a very hard task. But well, this was a request so okay. Except from coffee and Auntie Anne’s very delicious nuggets, we decided to try Fat Fook Kitchen in Glorietta.


Fat Fook Kitchen

Featured branch is located at: Second Floor, Glorietta 1, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City

10am to 10pm, Mondays to Sundays

PHP1100 for two people; PHP138 for a pint of beer (approx.; rate as of 2019)

View their full menu on Zomato (Fat Fook Kitchen).

Fat Fook Kitchen is a concept by a Taiwanese chef who find Filipinos to be more familiar with Chinese and Japanese cuisine and of course, who has the best taste buds when it comes to unfamiliar and unique foods?

It’s also interesting to know that the restaurant keeps their recipes as is and try not to adjust them to suit the Filipino palate (which is very usual with foreign restaurant concepts, btw). Another fun fact: Fat Fook translates to “Fat” (“mataba”) and “Fook” (a Chinese word for luck or prosperity.

Fat Fook Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I’ve been eyeing the restaurant already since WTEPH and other bloggers featured them. I asked friends how was the food (because I was too busy at work back then so I wasn’t able to join *sad face*) and everyone said it was great.

Fat Fook Kitchen is one of the few restaurants which I want to try 100% of the menu. Since we only were three dining that day, we preferred to take it easy and chose the best-craving menu items for late lunch.

I won’t be sharing the prices anymore (just check out their Zomato page for more accurate updates), but in fact they’re pretty affordable. Each serving is good for 2-3 persons and I assure you it’s all worth it!

Click bullet items for photos. Excuse my watermarks, as I am trying to own my works. Hehe.

◘◘ Spicy Wanton.If you are a lover of spicy food, you’ll love this small plate of wonton with chili bits and red sauce that I didn’t know I was craving for.

I’m not sure if it’s just me who loves both dimsum and spicy food that made this one her most favorite dimsum dish so far (okay, next to my mom’s siomai + Hen Lin’s chili sauce) or this wonton is just the best. It’s actually sweeter when you eat it right ahead upon serving, and the spiciness level goes up the longer it’s soaked.

The Mhayonnaise at Fat Fook

◘◘ Taiwan Style Fried Noodles.Mixed with mushrooms and veggies (celery, my loooove!), this platter of fried noodles was unexpectedly G.O.O.D.

Flavored with special sauce, (which I honestly asked my mom to copy and hopefully she can), this noodles made my day and I have nothing more to say. I mean I told you, everything in their menu is great!

The Mhayonnaise at Fat Fook

◘◘ Three Cups Chicken.Here are the three cups: soy sauce, sesame oil, and rice wine. Imagine that.

This was actually my mom’s choice. Chicken because she isn’t that adventurous with new food. She says it tasted like pinoy tinola but dry and had so much more vibrant flavors. This dish may be (honestly) the least I liked today, but still, I would finish one serving with plain rice myself.

The Mhayonnaise at Fat Fook

◘◘ Sweet and Sour Pork.Looks like ordinary, but this small plate of pork will get you hooked.

My dad’s choice, as sweet is his favorite and he always order it whenever and wherever possible (also sweet and sour fish and calamari).Served with chunks of pork and yummy bell peppers, I loved it as well. It’s so full of flavor, yet didn’t contrast with the fried rice nor the fried noodles. One must-try dish for everyone.

The Mhayonnaise at Fat Fook

◘◘ Taiwan Style Fried Rice.“So tasty, you might forget to pair it with anything else.”

My favorite fried rice so far (okay, next to pinoy-style sinangag). Sauteed with brown sauce, green onion, carrot bits, and lots of chorizo for sweet-salty bites, anyone will definitely love it.

The Mhayonnaise at Fat Fook

What makes Fat Fook Kitchen soooo special is that craving that they will definitely make you feel from when you take your first step at their store until the last bite of your order. It’s like you’re already full, but the thought of the menu list, the smell of the food from the kitchen, and the after-taste of their dishes, will make you ask for more. (Literally craving again while drafting this.)

◘◘◘ Pro-tip: If you’re not yet familiar with the taste of different dishes from around the world, you’ll know the authenticity of the cuisine served when there are groups of foreign customers enjoying their taste of home. Parang Pinoy lang kapag tumagal sa ibang bansa tapos biglang makakita ng Jollibee. Bida ang saya.

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