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Hello, guys! Welcome to my second appreciation post for my love, Vincent. And by committing to myself to sun a series of body paintings and blog posts dedicated to VVG, I am really learning a lot more about him and his work. And today we are talking about the most famous Sunflowers and some “facts” based on studies and articles I’ve collected from online.

Sunflowers, 1889

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Did you know that the Sunflowers is not just one painting but a series of beautiful masterpieces created between years of 1887 to 1889? And this series has two parts: Paris and Arles. Those facts officially made Sunflowers the most interesting work of Van Gogh! Well, “so far”. So I really hope you’re with me, discovering and loving more of Van Gogh’s works, up to my last VVG post on his birthday, March 30. *hearts*

Just recently, it was brought up to the news that the Van Gogh museum just decided to take the Sunflowers home because it was actually fragile. I believe all paintings are! It’s just nice to know that the museum’s priority is the quality of the piece, not the price they’re gonna earn in case. (Or just a wise decision to preserve it for longer use!) I’m not against the profit, bec, hello, that is one of the most famous art work in the world. I’d spend more than enough money just to see it.

Most of the articles in the internet says the total count of the sunflowers in that pretty vase is 14…and 15. What do you think? It made me curious so I counted it myself. I say 14. And I just remembered, oh, we have more than one Sunflowers painting nga pala! They say it’s 5, but actually 7. The 2 were lost in track. How lucky are these handlers now? 😦

◘◘ Talking about this project:

This is just my second painting for this project, but honestly, it took me a looooong time to conceptualize and actually paint it. I wanted to do it more closely as VVG did it – still, bright, and some of the flowers were already dried up. I don’t know why, but I don’t have that hand (“yet”, AJA!) to make it more beautiful than how I did it today.

◘◘ Just in case you are interested, here are my sources:

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