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Hey, pirates! Imagine you’re in a ship, traveling to each and every side of Asia, wandering the ocean and those little and huge islands full of looking for gold and other treasures. Then you learned about different cultures, knew groups of people, learned their home cuisine and maybe got some interesting spices. And then you roamed back to the Philippines, probably interested with trading your special finds to some elite people. But then there was this huge wave and heavy rain then came the creepy thunderstorm which led you somewhere in South…

Ha! I may be a little too imaginative, but my day dream was actually inspired by this new casual restaurant located in Filinvest City, Alabang. The place literally looked like the insides of a shipwreck – covered with green moss, hanging woods, loose ropes, vintage lamps. The ambience was so cool, I felt like a real captain!

Want to hear more good news? It’s not just the interiors that made Skewered very special. The concept is just the fuel to the huge fire that is their sets of menu which are all inspired by different flavors of Asian cuisine. Get your tummy ready for these, not just Instagrammable, but the yummiest collection of Asian comfort foods!

The current trend here in Manila are Korean and Japanese grills. We also have this Middle East’s kebabs and shawarmas all over the Metro, American ribs and brisket also make us drool. Even our very own street ihaw-ihaw are “heaven” in every foodie’s eyes. Well, here’s a different “ihaw” we didn’t know we were looking for – SKEWERS.



Ground Floor, Water Garden, Festival Mall, Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City

10am to 4pm, Mondays to Sundays

PHP800 for two people, PHP69 for a pint of beer (approx.; rate as of 2019)

View their full menu on Zomato (Skewered), and follow them on IG (@skeweredph) and Facebook (Skewered PH) for more details and updates!

Skewered serve hanging Asian-style skewers, brought from different versions of grilled meat from around different countries. Yes, those are meat held together by metal sticks and every stick has it’s own unique taste! This way of presenting grilled eat is still new to us, that Skewered claims they are the first and only restaurant serving such within the area.

Aside from their amazing skewers, they also offers authentic food favorites from Thailand, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and much more.


Click bullet items for photos.

◘◘ Crispy chicken tenders. Wrap everything in lettuce and you’ll get the very nice take on chicken tenders. With the balance of chicken, pickled vegetables, fresh garlic, and salted egg sauce, I think I found my newest favorite!

The Mhayonnaise at Skewered

◘◘ Fresh Vietnamese Springrolls. I don’t usually eat fresh springrolls because they’re just weird-tasting, but this one has set standards to my maarte taste, served with three different dips, which are all good, by the way.

The Mhayonnaise at Skewered

◘◘ Pad Thai. I admit, their Pad Thai is beautifully plated like those from fine Thai restos. Enveloped with scrambled egg, the dish has a very mild sweet-sour flavor. Unlike the usual full-of -spice Pad Thais, this one is just perfect for Pinoy taste.

The Mhayonnaise at Skewered

◘◘ Skewers. Have a complete experience of flavors from different Asian countries! These are served with three different dips, made in-house.

The Mhayonnaise at Skewered

◘◘ Beef Salpicao. Another personal favorite. This is a two-layer hanging salpicao torched upon serving. Yum!

◘◘ Skewered Signature Fried Rice. I thought it’s just the usual fried rice, but it turned out more tasty and honestly a bit of an “upgraded” fried rice.

The Mhayonnaise at Skewered

◘◘ Mango Kani Salad. I really am a huge fan of salads, so I can confidently say their Mango Kani Salad is one of the most unique-tasting but really good one.

The Mhayonnaise at Skewered

◘◘ Banana Malay Roti. One of the desserts I will never get tired of. Those roti-enveloped banana and mango slices topped with peanut crumbles and coconut cream? Ah! Heaven.

The Mhayonnaise at Skewered

If you’re just looking for a great place to chill, Skewered may be a perfect fit. In addition to their skewers, they also offer Engkanto draft beers perfect for a nice week ender.

On the other side, if you’re looking for something new and something stronger, here are drinks you can literally taste the alcohol on the first sip. If you are not a heavy drinker, I strongly recommend that you try these drinks on a Friday night or whenever you don’t have work or any appointment for the next day because, man, these drinks are bomb.

◘◘Flaming Zombie. Dark rum, 150 proof rum, Pernot, Curacao, Grenadine, flavored with fresh orange juice and fresh calamansi juice, topped with little mint leaves.
◘◘Pacquiao Punch. Dark rum, grenadine, also balanced with fresh calamansi juice.

What makes Skewered even cooler is their unique and very nice place. It actually reminds me of an old ship these movies always nail – plant/moss-covered walls, hanging wooden fixtures, vintage lamps. Ha! I almost felt like a pirate! Lol.

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Skewered Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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