Hey, guys. Nothing big to share today, but I’d like to talk about all things ‘limitations. The first days of 2019 taught me a very valuable lesson I almost always didn’t put in mind – limitations. I’ve been busy in my ‘self-care’ project without even realising I was spoiling myself already.

Stress-eating, binge-watching, spending too much time on Facebook. Aside from being a mom, I didn’t feel productive that I was too weak to even take pictures and update my Dailies. I mean, what shots would I have? My life’s getting boring. Routinary. Wake up, be a mom, eat, take a bath, go to work, work, eat, work, go home, be a mom, wash clothes, prepare food, sleep, then wake up again.

It’s really a bad news for me waking up to such repetitive tasks. I more than hate it. It’s honestly why I took up auditing, because I needed broader field to play on. I needed new things to learn. So no matter how tiring my day usually is, I still find it boring.

I honestly thought my blog has died for at least a month already. If not for the queued posts I prepared last month, my blog would be super dull already. Not that I care more about it, but my blog is my way of reminding myself there’s more to life.

My blog, unexpectedly, inspires at least one people to speak up. And that is very important for me. Of all people, I do understand how it feels to keep your mouth shut because of too many reasons. I also do understand how much eagerness one’s mouth feel when she knows someone is actually willing to listen.

I write not just for “self care”. I write about my experiences because my story can work much better as an inspiration than any theory of experts, authorities, research, and surveys. I write exactly from truth.

Hey, reader. Remember that every one of us is unique and so our stories, decisions, experiences, opinions. But from those differences, we learn. I remember receiving a message on Instagram that says like: “you’re so brave! If that’s ever gonna happen to me, I hope I’d have the same courage as you do. Stay strong and beautiful!” You guys make me feel like I don’t suck. I love you.

By the way, I know I’ve decide a lot of things already – travel plans, challenges, online enrollments. As (un)expected, I need to re-work aka edit some of the items on my list because ~things change~. So excited for 2019!

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