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When you start Googling where to go and what to do in Bacolod, they’re almost impossible not to be included in all of their lists – from news articles, blogs, and Instagram posts. With that said, I will not bore you with all the what’s that and where’s that of these spots. Instead…oh okay, I still will, anyway. But here’s some fun facts first to feed your mind.

Bacolod, is widely known as the “city of smiles” and the largest urbanized city of the province, Negros Occidental. Based on the The City of Smiles, the city’s name is derived from the Hiligaynon word bakolod – meaning “stonehill” – since the settlement was founded in 1770 on a stony, hilly area, now the district of Granada.

Well, they also say the city once topped a survey that called them the “best place to live in the Philippines”. Hmm… but here’s my comment, as a visitor: tricycle drivers ask different rates. I mean, it’s common, but I don’t know, that didn’t make me “smile”.

Thanks to The Ruins and Compuestuhan Highland Resort (and I’m sure many more places), (and thanks to good food, btw) tourist and other visitors will still find Bacolod worth the pagod.

Campuestohan Highland Resort

Campuestohan Highland Resort is just one of the spots that are almost always in the list of the must-visits from from different blogs and websites. I remember it also got into the trending list on Facebook with thousands of comments like “OMG I wanna go there!”

I didn’t know I wanted to go here. It’s just we don’t know any more place near Bacolod city proper. Campuestohan is less than an hour away from Bacolod, and we have only morning until sunset to explore Negros.

Visit their website (campuestohanhighlandresort.com)  for updated rates of different types of accommodation.

How to get there? If you are in a private car, please install and learn how to use Waze. Or Google. Charot.

If you prefer to take the shuttle. From the port, ride a jeepney to i-Mart Convenience Store in Circumferential Road Corner Burgos Avenue beside Caltex Fuel Station. You can actually hire a tricycle or a taxi for your convenience.

Shuttles have trip every hour with breaks at 12nn between 7am to 5pm. Fare is P100 per head. If you are going there as a large group, they can accommodate for P3000 for a two-way transport service. For group reservations, contact the resort for more information.

Read more about my Campuestohan experience here >>

The Ruins

This is the reason why I wanted to go to Bacolod. Aside from being famous, I also would love to have a look at it first hand – the architecture, the details. OMG, I am so in love with details and designs.

Oh, yes, the details. I’ve written more about The Ruins in another post (I also left some useful tips there!), but I still have to shout this out here: OMG THE DETAILS! It’s so nice that whatever tragedy happened in the past brought beauty in the mansion people before probably didn’t expect.

Ticket rates:

  • P100* for adults,
  • P70* for senior citizens and PWD,
  • P60* for students, and
  • P20* for children.
  • You can also avail a P300*- worth of consumables on their restaurants + entrance fee.

*rates are as of November 2018.

How to get there? Well, it’s always easier to hire a taxi or book a Grab. But if you are on a tight budget, you can always ride the jeepney. Look for the sigh “BATA” and get off at the Robinson’s. You’ll find shuttles there headed to The Ruins.

Read more about my Bacolod Ruins experience here >>

The Ruins was our second and last stop in this mini lakwatsa, as we had limited time that week. I’m sure there’s still a lot Bacolod has to offer, and I am really excited to go back and explore of it.

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