Whenever you’re going on a trip, you usually Google where to go or what to do around your destination. Well, this one’s often in the list of must-visited spots in Bacolod. But did you know that Campuestohan is located on the boundaries of Bacolod and Talisay cities? Hm.. A quick fun fact I got there, huh.

You probably have seen these cottages before – maybe on FB or Instagram. Campuestohan Highland Resort is most famous with their hobbit houses open for guests to rent for a night or more. Or just take pictures like I did…

It was a bit rainy, though, when we went there. But the weather made me appreciate more the hobbit feels. OMG, what would I look like if I were a hobbit? By the way, enough of this. As I mentioned on my header, there’s more to Campuestohan than these hobbit shelters.

Campuestohan Highland Resort became a tourist spot after it was opened to public in 2014. It is an amusement park and resort of 5.5 hectares. It features adventure rides, obstacle courses, other leisure activities, and a selection of accommodation types for visitors who would like to try staying overnight at Campuestohan.

Going there reminded me of Tagaytay, only a greener version. Campuestohan is elevated at 800+ meters above sea level (vs. Tagaytay at around 600+ meters), I really enjoyed the climate, plus it was also raining so it mis much more cooler than how we are doing here in Manila (or in Tagaytay, probably).

It’s not very costly, I would say. For a day trip fee of P150* per head, you can already take unlimited pictures inside the resort, free use of swimming pools (they have two poolls big enough for the visitors, btw), and enjoy an afternoon for a picnic if the weather permits. Overnight guests can choose among Campuestohan’s accommodation options. Room rates already include breakfast. Campuestohan also accommodate guests who wish to camp there, for P350* per person per night. So you can pitch your colorful tents between 5pm to 6am. Not bad, huh?

As I said, there’s more than hobbit houses there. Here’s another cute private cottage you can rent for a night or more. This part though is called the Indian Village (makes me wish they’d add more houses with different types of native architecture there). This area is obviously more colorful than the hobbit’s but sorry, I am a hobbit at heart so…

Another thing(s) I loved in his resort are their dinosaurs! Some of them are moving, by the way, which makes it more boomerang-able if there’s such a word. Here’s Dana, realising where she came from…

Well except from having a theme park (I think I want to re-watch Jurassic Park movies) they have rides and adventure activities. One of the favorites is the cable hamster wheel which I don’t have a picture of, because I honestly didn’t notice it maybe because it was raining and people would definitely not enjoy being a wet hamster. They also have skybikes, ziplines, other challenging activities such as rope courses.

Campuestohan Highland Resort also has two swimming pools that can be used by guests including day tour visitors (well, yes, get your swimsuits ready, people). Friendly reminder: use sunblock and protect your beautiful skin!

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How to get there:

Shuttle services are available and have trips every hour. If you catch the bus, you may notice you’re driving too slow, but better safe than sorry, right? The road up there is quite steep and curves are sharper than they seem.

Bigger groups can rent Campuestohan’s 15-seater Nissan Urvan for a round trip fee of P1,500* (day trip) or P2,000* (overnight).

If you are going with a private car, the Bacolod Reservation Office can help you navigate.

Our trip was only for a day, and we didn’t rent a cottage or a table or something. Though available, we chose to spend most of the time walking around the area and take pictures of them. (I hate that I am not posting 100% of my shots.) You can view their updated rates on their website.

Campuestohan Highland Resort is located at Brgy. Cabatangan, Talisay City (Yep, not Bacolod!) Contact them and book your tickets at +63-34 702 0964 / +63-915 211 1406 / +63-917 300 5007 or visit their website at http://www.campuestohanhighlandresort.com.

*rates are as of November 2018.

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