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Not all who left bring bitterness to our lives. Some remind us of its beauty, leaving a beautiful scar from the past. It’s overrated for some, but The Ruins of Talisay was still one of the items in my bucket list. Not just because it is very pretty in the pictures, but I also am a lover of ruins and old buildings. 

Visiting The Ruins made me curious about how it looks before the disaster. I won’t bore you about the story anymore, but if you’re not yet familiar, you can read it on a page from their website. I’ll just share a short story of my experience and some tips later on this post.

I was amazed at how beautiful these ruins are. Tragedies are indeed highlights the perfection of stuff, aren’t they? We went there in the morning, so I didn’t expect a “magical” feeling brought my the lights and reflections as we all see on our Instagram and Facebook feeds, but the natural lights made me appreciate the details more than the big picture.

It is a great idea that the owners decided to use a high quality cement, that it maintained the goodness of the architecture perfectly until now.

Every turn is so beautiful, even stolen and candid shots will become instagrammable. Enough even for portfolios! Many people are doing photoshoots in this place, and currently, they are charging P1,000* for the first 5 persons.

The photo above is a painting on the wall of the male’s washroom. Yep, a painting, not a sculpture. I’m not sure who the artist is, but it’s definitely #goals especially for an art enthusiast like me! If only I can do the same kind of piece at home… hmm.

💡 Tips and tricks! To help you decide what time to visit The Ruins.

  • Open for guests from 8:00am to 8:00pm
  • Morning would make you appreciate the beauty of the landscape and architecture, while
  • Sunsets give more life and color to the place, and 
  • During the night, there are lights that make The Ruins magical.

P.S. All sides are a pretty and good enough for your photos. A kind reminder though that the second floor of the mansion is off limits. I see selfies taken there, and it just makes me sad. Travel responsibly, guys! Mind the signages! Better safe than sorry!

Read more of my BIGG adventure!

How to get there + rates:

From the airport, take a shuttle to Bacolod and tell the driver to drop you off at The RUINS. It is along the way to Bacolod City from the airport.

By private car or taxi, from the airport, take the access road to the airport going south to Bacolod City. Turn right to Don Mariano L. Lacson Highway (5th intersection) and in about 900 meters you will arrive at The RUINS.

From Bacolod City, take a jeepney ride to BATA and get off at Robinson’s Mall. Walk to GO Hotel and take a shuttle from there to The RUINS.

By private car or taxi, take Lacson Street going north to Talisay City. After the flyover at the CERES North Terminal and PEPSI bottling plant, turn right towards the mountains on Don Mariano L. Lacson Highway and in about 2.3 kms. you will arrive at The RUINS.

💡 Tips and tricks! For less hassle transportation.

For those who are not aware, Grab is already operating around Bacolod. From there to FastCat Bacolod Port, I was charged P179*

Ticket rates:

  • P100* for adults,
  • P70* for senior citizens and PWD,
  • P60* for students, and
  • P20* for children.
  • You can also avail a P300*- worth of consumables on their restaurants + entrance fee.

*rates are as of November 2018.

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