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If there’s one thing I didn’t expect from Guimaras is their contributions to the Philippines’ beautiful collections of ruins from different historical places. I went to this island to experience their beaches and maybe taste their sweetest mangoes, but I never thought there’s also this old place worth visiting.

We visited the Guisi Lighthouse on a Sunday, so more people were expected. There also were groups doing their pre-nuptial photoshoots or whatever. Btw, just a suggestion, not sure if if you can close Guisi, but if you’re planning for a shoot on a public place, you can either rent it for a private activity or schedule your shoots on a weekday. I mean, that would be so much less hassle for both parties, eh?


The Guisi Lighthouse is the second oldest one in the Philippines, lighted up on 1894. It’s super old, that climbing it up is very scary. Though some tour guides are asking if you’d like to go up there to see the beach view, it is actually discouraged by locals (and myself). Safety first!

You can, anyway, see the wonderful view of the beach before the entrance, where many local vendors are offering souvenirs and candies.

I strongly recommend you try at least a pack of Serafinas.

The walls of the ruins are obviously old and covered by old tree roots, vines, and moss which make it more beautiful. It’s like the walls in Intramuros (if you’re familiar) but older and with greens.

The archs also add wonderful effects making the place more catchy for the eyes of a photographer. In fact, according to our guide, the ruins is one of the famous places here that are most used for shoots.

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Guisi Lighthouse / Faro de Punta Luzaran (former name) is along Barangay Dolores, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. An environmental fee of 10Php is required per head.

Upon arriving in Jordan, someone from the tourist desk can actually help you on where to go, what to do, and will give you a tricycle for hire (normally 1200Php* for the whole day). But here’s the number of Kuya Saoro, our guide, in case you need to plan or book in advance: +63919 325 7672. I assure you he’s nice and will take you to places that are worth your time.

*rates are as of November 2018.

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