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Hmmmmkay. So Nono’s has been making noises since they expanded and built more branches. Many blogger friends have attended events in some of their branches and almost everyone is saying Nono’s food is indeed good.

Did you know that Nono’s started it all off with a classic cake? One of her famous work is Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion, named after her father. Right now, Chef Baba Ibazeta Benedicto is focusing not only on desserts, but comfort food in general.

Currently, Nono’s have four active branches in Makati, Quezon City, Muntinlupa, and Mandaluyong. And the one I’ve just visited was in Three Central, Salcedo, Makati, which is just a couple of kilometers from our office.

A panini is basically an Italian bread or sandwich usually toasted or, well, grilled. Nono’s Grilled Cheese Panini made the cut to my list of favorite grilled cheese sandwiches. Though it’s expensive for four small-sized slices, the melted cheddar and mozerella cheese are totally worth it. Adding more flavor is the sour cream and onion dip served on the side. BUt I must admit, when I finished all four sandwiches, I remembered the question, is the 275 worth it?

Well, it’s different with the wontons. It’s like these dimsum we usually see in Chinese restaurants, but fried. Also, they are stuffed with mozerella and cheddar and served with honey with truffle oil. Fun fact: I literally hate truffles, or at least I don’t love them. They’re this weird, strong flavor and they kind of smell. But this one’s a good try, I have to be honest. The truffle is not that strong (though still smelly), and the honey dip (again, with truffle) is sweet enough for me to love the dish.

I ordered their beef steak as the main course. It was served as like a “rice topping”, with supposedly crispy onion rings. The beef was tender and tasty and all, I liked the garlic rice, too. But the onion rings ruined it all. It’s not crispy, has no flavor, and I don’t think there’s onion inside at all. I mean, did I miss something? But anyway, I think it could be considered as one of those side dishes that are not usually loved. Nono’s can improve it, though, as part of the meal, by getting bigger white onions and putting a little more spice on the breading. 

Oh I almost forgot, it was also served with a small bowl of mashed potatoes that are literally just potatoes, or too little flavor. I wrapped it anyways and let Mnemo eat it.

One of the dishes that were most often served that afternoon was their fried chicken. Obviously one of their best-sellers, I see. My friend and officemate ordered this and I haven’t tried. But based on most diners and reviewers opinions, their fried chicken is good and worth the four to five-star ratings.

Well, we didn’t have time to pick more such as desserts, but except for the price being expensive, I’d like to try more from Nono’s menu. At least I know what not to order next time?

*rates are as of November 2018.

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Nono's by Classic Confections Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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