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They say it’s just normal. But I am now here at the point where I got back to questioning: “why, Mother Nature, why?”

I mean, after the “getting fat” phase, the roller coaster of emotions, the crying all the time, the wild cravings, the bleeding, the painful boobs while breastfeeding, the lack of sleep. Now it’s hair loss. HAIR LOSS!!!

When I was pregnant, I was excited about getting my hair done (because you can’t have chemicals on your body while you’re carrying your child!) – I wanted to cut my hair short since I knew about the hair loss, maybe have it straightened and colored (because I’m honestly tired of this black, dull hair). After giving birth though was super tiring, I never wanted to do more than having a massage or hand and foot spa. Plus, I haven’t decided what color should I get.

Months passed and there came the expected surprise of hair loss. You know the feeling after washing your hair and some hair would fall like it’s normal but this time it was like 10x more. I even got a little pa icky because hala besh baka maubos naman yung buhok ko.

Hair loss may be a very small issue to some, but we cannot deny it is one source of confidence especially with girls. Again, I am not hair-conscious but here I am, ranting.

Now I have this little bun, and I don’t have any more choice but to where it everyday. Oops, yeah, I have choices: the little bun or the witch-like wig.

I never realized I’d care about my hair too much. I was a girl who didn’t care how she looks, but these postpartum stuff made me less confident than I already was.

Postpartum hair loss is never fun. It’s beyond normal. It’s scary, and somewhat disgusting. But as much as I whine about this, the truth is,

  • we give up our bodies for our babies to make home for them, feed and comfort them.
  • we are Mothers, and I think it’s safe to say that we are the bravest person on Earth (or on Mars if you delivered your baby there).
  • we can handle hair loss because it will grow back anyway.

After this struggle (that may last for more than a year, they said.) I solemly swear to treat my hair with the best care she deserves.

Have you or are you also suffering from postpartum hair loss? What’s your remedy? Share some of your tips on the comment box below or let’s have a little convo via email at maivargas@icloud.com

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