How are my Paperang photos now? + thermal papers dos and donts

I honestly couldn’t believe that my first post about Paperang already reached thousands of unique viewers (and still counting!), to think that I didn’t promote it too much or whatsoever. I earned almost all of the views from Google search, and thank God I am reaching you guys with no SEO upgrade. Lol

Well, here’s another update from my previous post, and also one of the frequently-asked questions about the pocket thermal printer: do Paperang print-outs last?

Questions from readers: Do Paperang print-outs last? For how long?

No filters and edits except from the pixels because it’s just now that I realized I am sharing too much from a personal diary. But this one’s the updated pic of the cover photo of this post.

Of course not. Paperang is a thermal printer. It’s like that printer cashiers on supermarket or department stores’ counters that uses thermal printers for receipts. Of course, there print-outs fade.

I think people has been asking for like three months already and I promised to post another update. Sorry, it took that long. If you’ve been reading my previous personal posts, I’ve mentioned stuff I’m currently engaged with. It’s just, well, last night, when I had the chance to take pictures of my journal’s pages. I don’t even have time yet to write there yet!

Excuse the pixels. Again.

Well. There’s my update. THEY FADE. It’s been a good seven-month relationship, though. But of course, I wouldn’t want to you to finish reading this post with disappointment or a frown on the face. Let’s admit it, we all saw this coming. So here are some tips I’ve got from different articles and people around the web on how to take good care of your thermal photo print-outs.

Questions from readers: What should I do to make the print-outs last longer?

  1. Excessive heat will cause your thermal paper to turn gray at best or turn completely black and illegible at worst. You should always store your thermal paper receipts away from heat sources.
  2. DO NOT laminate it.
  3. DO NOT put transparent tape.
  4. Avoid oils and liquids. Like any paper, liquids and especially oils will degrade the paper itself. In the case of oils, they will react with the coating on the paper and discolor it.
  5. Purchase original thermal paper with extra coating. The extra coating protects the original coating from reacting to heat and chemicals, thus preserving your printouts.
  6. Place your thermal papers in a safe place and avoid friction on its surface because it scratches the coating and may damage the image and fading may occur.

Honestly not sure if these really helps. If you have a genius idea, PLEASE COMMENT IT BELOW! Help me, and help thousands of people. Thank you in advance!

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6 thoughts on “How are my Paperang photos now? + thermal papers dos and donts

  1. Hi! May I know what kind of thermal paper you’ve used? I saw some thermal papers in shopee advertising that they last 10 years and sticker thermal papers that last 20 years. Were you able to try those? 🙂 Thanks!


    1. Hello! I use thermal sticker papers from Paperang. The paper last, but the print doesn’t. I just realized the trick now. But of course, no matter how you store it, time will eventually make the print fade. Sadly, thermal print-outs doesn’t last long. Thermal printers help us on getting what we need real-time, but not for journaling or collecting photos. They really fade.


  2. Hi there! I use the thermal sticker paper and I am wondering how long they will last. I use the printer for printing out quotes in my journal (so no pictures). Thank you!


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