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This is not the first Oktoberfest I’ve had attended, but this is the first time I’ll be writing about the awesome experience. My first one (it was like 3 or 4 years ago) was locally hosted by San Miguel, the biggest beer brand in the Philippines, and it was super fun! I met some famous celebrities, I sang along with strangers while my favorite Pinoy rock bands were performing, that was the first time I experienced dancing, jumping up and down with the crowd, enjoying a drink, singing, and laughing. One of our definitions of YOLO. Lol.

I only tried it once, with trusted friends, of course. Because beers are not really my thing. But food is. Haha. I’ve mentioned it before, and I’ll say it again: get a job you enjoy doing. I am very thankful, that aside from having the best employer (yes, we just won an AON award!), I get to enjoy other stuff I love doing as well – writing, travel, and FOOD!

Last Thursday, I had a very A W E S O M E experience at the 80th German Oktoberfest at Solaire Resorts and Casino. Hosted by the German Club Manila, the festival was indeed one “lit” event. The drinks, food, entertainment, and the people make me want to go there again! If you haven’t tried going to an Oktokerfest before, here’s what I can share:

  1. Oktoberfest is waaaay more than just beer tents. There are loooots of food, entertainment, fair games, raffles, and stalls where you can buy discounted items from sponsors. Some even have freebies! It’s what Germans call a Volkfest – a big event that combines some kind of beer festival with a funfair aspect.
  2. You will definitely learn some basic lingo. Expect foreign people at the event, and prepare some English even just for a night. Haha! Even if you’re not seatmates with a German, you’ll get to learn new German words and phrases anyway from the speakers and entertainers. Which I found super fun. And yes, there’s more than “lederhosen and dirndls”. “Prost” is an important word, too.
  3. Pack light! If you’re okay without any bag, then don’t bring one. It’s a festival, people! Don’t just sit there and eat. Go around, meet some people, dance, sing. And you don’t want to do everything worrying about your things at the back of your mind.
  4. Forget your gadgets. I’m a blogger, so I need mine. But if you want to enjoy most of the night, let the photographer friends do the job. Build your network and you’ll get tons of tags and mentions the next day. Thanks, guys. 🙂
  5. Forget number 4. TAKE PICTURES! Here’s a link to my Oktoberfest 2018 photodump which made me realize I should have had better and more shots that night! I don’t know about you, but I plan to attend just one Oktoberfest in a year. Ehem. We’ll see.

Feeling thirsty yet? October has just started. Go search for the next Oktoberfest near you and you sure will enjoy. Invite me, maybe? BTW, here’s a short photodump from last week’s feast.

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