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I see a lot of people who really want to be part of something bigger – extending what you have to other people who are in need. But it’s just too difficult especially we have our own challenges as well financially, emotionally, physically, etc.

It’s always one of my dreams to donate or volunteer or maybe someday build, organize, lead, and inspire my own group. It all started because of my love for travel, that I was able to help as a volunteer. We collect cash donations and in kind, re-pack them, and deliver them to the people who need them more. My first mission was way back in college when we spent a whole day just giving away food somewhere in Rizal. I’ve been active in volunteering and community projects until I got a corporate job.

Thankfully, I got back to the giving miracles when I joined the CEM, a fun mountaineering group. We were not just traveling, hiking, but we also are enjoying our weekends by giving something to people in the mountains.

Just yesterday, I signed up to UNICEF’s Champion for Children project. Not just because I cannot join CEM anymore, but also I want to level up my advocacies. Yep, not just #AyokoNgPlastik and #LeaveNoTrace and #MentalHealthAwareness, I now also a part of UNICEF for every child.

Yep, I named my office laptop Harry, because “HP”.

How, you ask? I got this cute drawstring bag and sticker from a guy named Greg. He’s an English guy, and talks non-stop you have no choice but to say “okay I’m in” when he asks about your details and all. Don’t get me wrong, that’s part of his job as being a good marketer. That’s why I am now in right? For real?


Become a Champion for Children today!

Champions for Children is a community of individuals whose regular contributions enable the most vulnerable children in the Philippines and worldwide enjoy the right to education, healthcare and nutrition, and protection from violence, abuse and exploitation.

Upon signing up, Champions will receive a welcome SMS or call to confirm their participation. Once confirmed, they will receive a welcome letter and leaflet from UNICEF Philippines National Ambassador Gary Valenciano.

Members of this caring community will gain a better understanding of how their contribution makes a difference in children’s lives through project reports, and regular updates from beneficiaries and UNICEF staff. They will also receive certificates of appreciation, specially designed tokens and their very own Champions for Children ID.

Does UNICEF—an international organization with government and corporate partners—really need the support of individual Champions?

YES – UNICEF does not receive funding from the United Nations. We are funded solely by voluntary contributions, so every amount (no matter how small) counts!

When pooled together, regular donations made by individual donors like you add up to provide UNICEF with a steady and reliable source of funds. This kind of committed funding is necessary for us to sustain ongoing programmes and map out long-term strategies in the fight for children’s rights. It also allows UNICEF to respond quickly when and where the need is greatest, such as providing emergency relief in calamities and times of conflict.

In person. Sign up to become a Champion for Children at UNICEF booths in selected locations across the Philippines. Click here to see our current sign-up locations.
By phone. Call our hotline at (+63 2) 758 1000 / 758 1442 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) to speak with us about becoming a Champion for Children. UNICEF also contacts potential donors by phone, so you may be contacted by one of our fundraisers after receiving an introductory e-mail or call from us.
Online. Click here to sign up through our website. Signing up online is quick, secure and convenient.

Note: Contributions via credit card are preferred as they are the most convenient and efficient way to collect and process donations. UNICEF adheres to strict data privacy measures to ensure secure transactions. For more information, read our FAQs.

Above information is mirrored from UNICEF website.

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