I’m moving to a new site! It’s been two fun years since I activated themhayonnaiseonline, and I thank you for giving it a wonderful life. I thought it’s too late for moving to a new home, but I’m here to take risks! I mean, why not? You’ll still visit me there, right? Let’s connect and read new stories at THEMHAYONNAISE.COM!

SPOILER ALERT! I never thought of myself writing reviews of films because I tend to spoil like 98% of them. This movie made me realize may future pa talaga ang pelikulang Pilipino. As I have no future on writing reviews without spoilers. So brace yourselves, people. If you haven’t seen a film yet and you saw it on my feed, don’t dare click the link and blame me right after reading my article.

For someone who has been there, Nakalimutan Ko Ng Kalimutan Ka is a very relatable movie. Before watching in the big screen, of course I read few reviews and I they got mixed reactions. Some say it’s corny or cliché, some say it’s great and funny. For me, I should say, it’s a good film, good story line, good videography, so kudos to Fifth Solomon. I never saw the trailer before watching the whole movie and I honestly wasn’t aware Fifth was involved here so I was shocked when I saw his name on the outro credits.

“Change your heart, change your mind, change your life.” – Dr. Rolex, NSKTN KLINIKA

I wasn’t interested, really with Alex’s movie but my sis was so kulit so ano pa nga ba. I thought it was just another boring rom-com movie and I’m not a fan of Alex, Vin is pogi, Jerald is funny, I mean, ganon naman yan kapag Pinoy movies medyo alanganin sa ganda. But this one proved me wrong. From Heneral Luna, Goyo, to Hows of Us and Miss Granny, may future pala talaga ang Philippine Cinema.

Ganda ng videography mapapasabi ka ng ang ganda magpicture dyan even in the simplest and most messy and creepy places. It was obvious that the director and the staff and the whole team were millennials at heart. They know the current trend – the video filters, the setting, the story, even the outfits/costumes. Yun baga yung mga nakikita mong shots for OOTD sa VSCO, ganon.


Nakalimutan Ko Nang Kalimutan ka reminded me of the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Where one of them went to a “doctor” to help them forget the pain that is part of love. But the question that was stuck in my mind was “kung ikaw ba, para sayo, gugustuhin mo ba syang kalimutan para mawala na ang sakit?”

As I’ve said, I’ve been there. And to be honest, I’m still not okay. But I don’t want to erase our memories, good or bad. Never. As much as I want the pain to go away, ayoko ding itapon ang mga alaala naming na nabuo. Yun na nga lang yung natira sakin. Yun na nga yung mga pinaka masayang araw ko, bakit ko itatapon dahil lang sa sakit ko ngayon na alam ko naman in time e gagaling.

I understand the feeling of a broken-hearted. Feeling mo ginawa mo na lahat, feeling mo parang wala lang nangyari para sakanya, feeling mo binigay mo na lahat. Feeling mo unfair. Feeling mo katapusan na, wala ka nang next life or anything like ended na. I may not be in the right place to say this, but I’m telling you, ngayon lang yan.

Meron pang isang tanong. “E kung bumalik sya, tatanggapin mo pa?” Langya, nag-init dugo ko kay Migs! I hate those guys who treat women like toys. Ano, kapag sawa na dun naman sa isa? Kung nagpakilala na sya sayo sa apg iwan nya sayo para sa ibang babae, pano mo pa masisiguro na hindi na nya yon gagawin ulit? Sabihin nyo nang lesson learned or finally he had his lesson na, but hell no! KRIS AQUI! Thank you nalang no.

What really help for your to move on (according to the movie):

  • Ice cream (well for me chicken but any comfort food would help)
  • Burn everything (nah, I still have his things and I still use them)
  • Write your emotions (naman! That’s why I came back to blogging, thanks to him.)
  • Tell yourself you’re beautiful. (kahit di ka naniniwala G lang.)
  • Try something new something wild (haven’t done this yet, but I’m sure doing stuff other than think of him would help.)
  • Dance
  • Watch comedy films (I watched horror films)
  • Eat vegetables (and cakes)

“Ganyan kasakit kasi ganyan kasaya.” Kimpoy, ang gwapong di mo inakala

Sobrang namiss ko umalis gumala at magtravel, I invited my sister to go back to Bataan. Hopefully we can go sa January the latest kasi we have two alis already before the year ends and I don’t want to leave Mnemo so often.


Kasalanan bang magmahal ng hindi ka mahal? Kasalanan bang mahuog sa atong hindi ka pinakkikitaan ng halaga?

“Kung nakaya mong tunawid dyan ng kasama sya, ngayon kayanin mong tunawid mag isa”

The day will come that you’ll be grateful na nagkakilala kayo, nangyari sainyo yon, nasaktan ka, nawala sya, because those are the reasons why you fought for yourself, why you grew as a better person, and why you appreciate love and life more. Minsan talaga kailangan mo masaktan ng todo para marealize mo na yun na yon. Hanggang don nalang. Limit na yon ng pain tolerance mo. Tapos na tapos na.

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