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I am a burger fan since I first knew what a “burger” is. I honestly declare myself as the Jughead of my own Archie world, and the Dean of my own Supernatural world. I literally can survive a week eating just burgers, but of course I won’t try.

Slammin’ was actually named Slammers before they rebranded on 2013. They leveled-up the menu, added more flavors of burgers, the plating, and overall appearance was improved. I didn’t get to try their old recipe, but I bet today’s burgers are worth the upgrade.

Slammin’ smallin’ cute-in’ yummin’!

One of the burgers I just recently had is the Hawaiian Slider from Slammin’. A 100% beef patty sandwiched along with bacon, pineapple, flavoured with sriracha, mayo, and teriyaki glaze, with melted cheddar cheese. Oh, it was so good. Except that I needed to skip the pineapple because why do people love pineapples? And why did I had the pineapple burger when I know there’s another one yummier without the creepy fruit? I also don’t know. Some things you just have to give a chance. Charot.

One of the yummiest fries mix I’ve ever tasted.

I also had their Bacon-Mushroom loaded fries. It’s a classic belgian fries with bacon and mushroom, grilled onions, with sour cream and cheese sauce. And yep, I am also a fries fan. I’m technically the sinful food fan, so I need to work on my health already, I know.

Anyway, Slammin’ is worth the try. I promise I won’t take time writing about food that’s not worth your money. The burgers are “mini” burgers and super yummy, and one order is for two mini burger but I guess it won’t still be enough for your cravings. Order two and your’e good to go.

Slammin’ is one of the stalls in a food hub in Quezon City, but they also have a branch in BGC. Can’t wait to try more of their food!

Among many branches, Slammin’ also has a humble stall atDevour Food Hub, 1216 E. Rodriguez Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City. View their full menu on Zomato (Slammin’), and follow them on IG (@slammin.ph) and Facebook (Slammin’) for more details and updates!

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Slammin' Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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