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Rainy days are here! And there’s one true bff for these kind of weather:  a wonderful bowl of good goto.

Goto is the Filipino term for congee. Normally cooked with freshly-sliced ginger, other ingredients can also be added to give it more flavor and usually topped with a hard boiled egg and some fried garlic flakes to add more texture, and they are usually sold carinderias .

One of my comfort foods is goto, but I rarely buy one outside as my mom loves cooking goto, lugaw, and the likes. Goto Monster is not my first-bought bowl of goto either, but this is so far the most unforgettable goto in my life. Do you think I should try more of it? Haha

What I loved most is the flavor of the broth and the generous amount of toppings, and let’s be honest, we don’t usually get that from other goto joints. What’s more nice is I even didn’t have to add more spices or condiments as the meal per se is already flavorful and well-balanced. Well, except for the chili oil I really enjoyed.

Goto plus pork bagnet Php95
Goto plus pork bagnet Php95 – photo by JR Afuang

I wasn’t able to take a photo of the whole place and even the food so I am grabbing these photos from my team mates. Their space was quite small though they have two separate dining areas.  They do have seats outside with pop-up tables and chairs, maybe for when the number of customers are growing.

Goto Monster
Goto Monster – photo by May de Guzman

We went there after our tiring but super fun shoots on a Saturday night. I think my team mates were craving for some goto or lugaw then there were we, waiting for our orders while I was craving for that chili oil.

A lot of reviews says Goto Monster is a bit pricey from other joints, well for me, they just gave justice for the generous amount of the toppings and the of course the great flavor. And you’ll see from where you place your order that they really make everything from scratch which guarantees their goto is freshly cooked and prepared.

Overall, I loved it! I invited my family to try more of their food sometimes, and I am also inviting you to experience the Goto Monster meals.

Goto Monster is located at Primo de Rivera Street Corner Pablo Ocampo Sr. Extension, La Paz, Makati City. View their full menu on Zomato (Goto Monster), and follow them on IG (@gotomonster) and Facebook (Goto Monster) for more details and updates!

*rates are as of August 2018

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Goto Monster Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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