I’m moving to a new site! It’s been two fun years since I activated themhayonnaiseonline, and I thank you for giving it a wonderful life. I thought it’s too late for moving to a new home, but I’m here to take risks! I mean, why not? You’ll still visit me there, right? Let’s connect and read new stories at THEMHAYONNAISE.COM!


I am very vocal about how “busy” I am as if you care. But I just wanted to share above all the things I am bitter about, that here I am trying to get my mind off things. And I love that my calendar is already colorful wuth narkers and post-its and stuff. Bumabalik na yung consequences ng sinabi ko dati na I want to make myself busy as much as possible to get away from these nonsense thoughts. So let me shout my pagod here: “ANG DAMI KONG PENDING FOR WORK, PERSONAL BLOG, AND WHAT TO EAT!”

Speaking of WTE, we are nominated on E! Bloggers Ball 2018 as Food Icon of the Year and we are very much grateful for the love and appreciation. If you haven’t voted yet, and you think we deserve the title, you can vote us here until Sept. 23, 2018. ❤

TheMhayonnaise - SM Markets Streetfood Festival 2018
SM Streetfood Festival 2018. Thanks JR for the shot!

I’m just honestly sad about one thing. I saw this coming naman na that’s why I didn’t want to “boost” or “pitch” my blog or grow followers. I made my IG account so I have somewhere to post my favorite snaps. I built this blog and my X number of previous blogs because I wanted to write.

All of my accounts are personal. Heck, I was a grammar-conscious before but I scratched that out. I like informal writting, more personal, more true, no worries that other people may judge you. But apparently, when you enter the “blogging business”, there really are people who would literally judge you. As if you let yourself in to a private meeting you’re not invited from. Call it normal, or say “oh, of course” but I hate it. And not because it’s so-called normal doesn’t mean it’s right.

Yes, at first, I had doubts on what bloggers do and I thought how much they earn won’t be so much help for my family. But now I see the potential and and it makes me have a long term plan for my blogging career (??). WTE gave me the best shot even though I’m a newbie. If you’ve been following me since day one, you’d say I’m not a newbie, but I AM NEW in accepting projects and stuff. Though it makes my schedule even tighter than before, I can say I’m happy because I love what I’m doing. I love being an auditor, a writer, a blogger, and most especially being a mom!

For work, we have a loooooooot to do for (today and) the next days, and I honestly am procrastinating. I hate myself for that, but I just don’t have the hype yet to kayod. Here’s a tip for a professional multi-tasker: do not force yourself doing what you “have” to do unless you have the feels to do it. Of course deadlines are deadlines, so you gotta work for your gana to go back. Hopefully, additional cups of coffee each day would help. Good thing we have a very #GreatPlaceToWork and I have a great boss who supports me. *Dramatic cry-laloo*

By the way, I have sooooo many “extra curricular” stuff going on in life lately. I’m crying for all the items in my to-do lists but a huge part of me is very excited and very happy about that. Aside from my side “raket”, I busy myself with books and movies and TV series which probably also a factor why I procrastinate.

I just finished a great read authored by Amy Poehler, and now I’m juggling between John Grisham and Mark Manson. To be honest? John Grisham bores me already. It’s faaaaaar different from way back when I used to love the genre. Reading his book again is my way of re-learning my love for thriller and crime novels.

Netflix also is sulit as always. I often binge-watch series when I don’t feel like doing anything or if I don’t feel like working with my brain.

I am originally a fan of How I Met Your Mother . I really loved the show, specially Barney who probably my kind of guy, but who knows, I’m usually palpak when it comes to boys. And I loved Robin, she’s really pretty and she looks smart kind of pretty. And I loved the story of their friendship and how fun their story was.

But then, fan groups cannot help but compare HIMYM with FRIENDS. Some say the yellow umbrella still wins but half says FRIENDS are better. I hate comparing but it actually tapped my curiosity and so I looked up FRIENDS. I honestly cannot compare them. I loved them both.

Suits was great. Though I think Netflix is not updated yet, but whatever, season 6 palang naman ako. But I was really hooked I almost bought a Pearson-Specter-Litt shirt and I was looking for the You Got Litt Up mug. Cute.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is my newest baby. Right before I drafted this post, I was watching the first episode and I actually found it interesting and funny. Nice, May. Go on and spend more money on data.

Themhayonnaise thanks abbey sy!
Abbey Sy’s newest book, my beloved sunflower bouquet prop, and some VVG print outs! *Love*

I also bought myself Abbey’s newest book which I will be sharing to you on this blog maybe this week or the next. I bought this not because I just wanted to shop, but I thought I really need this to fuel back my “artsy” fire. I miss painting and lettering. Those colorful mess in my hands and sometimes on my face and I don’t know how. So thanks for another great work, Abbey! You have no idea how much you inspire people like me!

Uhm what else? Ah! Mnemosyne!

Themhayonnaise and the mini mhayonnaise
I was trying to copy her but I couldn’t so I cropped the photo nalang, hahahaha!

I was actually writing a baby update for Mnemo because I have a loooooooot to share! I just created an IG and FB account for her though I’m still having second thoughts.

Before Mnemo arrived, I was pretty sure about not sharing her or even her face on social media for some personal reasons. But when she came out, the mom in me was just sooooo proud and happy and I wanted to share that happiness to the world. That’s actually the tricky part. As a mom, you don’t want your baby to got involved to whatever your image is online. I am a blogger, I am working my way to become an influencer, and I don’t want to drag my daughter to the wild online world, if you get what I mean. But at the same time, I want people to look at her and see her the way I do. I’m not really sure why I feel like I need the exposure, but maybe that is my way of telling the world I am proud of my daughter.

She’s now almost five months, and she laughs and she just learned and spoke the word “mama” like days ago which I didn’t witnessed because I was at work, she bites anything and she’s gigil about everything and she’s just so cute. Her doctor said she’s now ready for solid food, but I haven’t tried anything yet. She’s just around 6kg, but people say she seems taller for her age. I love her curly hair, I love her smile, I love everything about her. How can a mom not share that precious piece of her to the world?

Themhayonnaise thanks H&M!
I know this is very unrelated but I super love this pair, thanks H&M!

As one of my Tumblr readers commented, “wow you’ve been through a lot. i respect you soooo much.” (Hello and a lot of thanks, vanilladays!) Yes, I’ve been through a lot and I’m going through a lot. And despite of all the pain, the heartaches, the financial problems, worries, etc. at the end of the day, and at every time I wipe my last teardrop, I still feel thankful and blessed because if I haven’t gone through those things, I probably wouldn’t understand or appreciate life as I do now.

I started this post without any idea what to write. Daldal lang.

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6 thoughts on “May Day: Mixed drinks about feelings

  1. Hello! You’ve got a cute blog over here, and I checked out WTE as well — sayang lang I don’t live in PH hehe.

    I actually like both HIMYM and Friends. I think they’re pretty comparable naman; if you binge the series one after the other, you will spot certain elements that HIMYM lifted from Friends. It’s all good though, and I still like them both. 🙂

    And is Mnemosyne the name of your daughter? Cute ng name, and ang cute rin ni Mnemo! Bet ko ‘yung classical myth reference, haha. I can only imagine the number of people who’d have a hard time spelling it out though, hehe. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! WTE is not mine though. I’m just a contributor. I’m just curious, where do you live? I checked your About page pero nada. I guess I can backread naman on your blog?

      Yes! A lot of people are comparing them pero, well for me lang naman, what I remember most about HIMYM are the love stories parts. I mean, kinilig ako kay Barney and Robin, and yung iba Robin and Ted or Lily and Marshall, etc. literally focused kasi sya on “how our love lives went through”. Lol tama ba. Napansin ko lang FRIENDS literally focused more on their relationship as a whole – being bf/gf, friends, they even involved their families. Wala lang. Sakin lang naman. ❤️ and yes I like them both naman!

      Well, I’m not into myths naman talaga. Pero I loved the meaning kasi or like “who is Mnemosyne”. Pero thank you so much! And oo sobrang daming nagrereklamo sa pag-spell at pag pronounce. Haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m in Canada. 🙂 And I see your point re: HIMYM and Friends. Both series have their strengths and shortcomings naman, but overall they’re pretty entertaining ensemble comedies. Sana mas marami pa akong mabasang opinions mo on pop culture, hehe. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Grabe, I dont really say this, actually I think i never have, but I admire how driven you are, and how youre super creative. Most of the time i wonder where you still get your energy. You remind me of my self 1 year ago. Ang dami ko ding ginagawa but I manage to blog consistently, my head is always full of ideas. But now, I let them come and go. I’m trying to go back again to blogging tho, but this time more personal ang take. I still want to be a blogger, but im starting to think its not for me professionally. Ang hirap imarket ng sarili mo on your own, with no connections, with no previous exposure, with not enough resources, etc.. Somehow napapagod na rin ako makipagcompete, so i just stay in my lane which is more peaceful and has less pressure. Keep writing, May! I love seeing your new blog post plugs online!


    1. Ha! I am thinking of drafting a post about that – how tough pro blogging is, or how “fake” or how much or what stuff do we get from it, ganern. Time lang talaga nag kalaban natin, but well, we need to manage our time talaga. As long as we enjoy what we do naman okay lang! 🙂


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