Advanced note: this article is not for your sensitive and closed mind. I used a lot of girl terms that you may find kadiri or whatever, so if you are interested to read this, I need you to open your mind, and try to understand women’s experiences – yeah, especially you, guys. By the way, there also is penis didelphys and it’s waaaay weirder.

I was 13 when I had my first menstruation. It was just a normal day, I was preparing for school, and since I was already familiar with what “mens” was, i just casually told my mom “ma, may dugo.”

As a Pinay mom and with all these beliefs from the oldies, she made me scrub my panties onto ny face (don’t worry, it was already washed and to be honest I still don’t get the logic. I mean I would understand if they believed the first flow/cycle has some chemicals or whatever that helps your skin glow or something but nah. My undies was well washed). She also made me jumped down from the third step of the stairs, and made me drink/eat one fresh chicken egg. Ugh.

How much hassle these pamahiin gives us, Pinoys? And how much logic do they mean? Ah. Whatever. I’ll make Mnemo do it as well, anyway.

Speaking of the mini-me, it was April 18, 2018, when I gave birth to Toyo. It was also the same day I was diagnosed with Didelphys.

What the hell is Didelphys?

Maybe if my doctor said the word “didelphys” instead of just pointing it out I’d just say “okay” and not think about what it was. But nah. She explained it further and said it was actually in born, and then finally said the medical term so I got the chance to Google it.

So instead of just resting my mind from the thought of being cut and giving birth, I spent hours of worrying what the hell did she mean dalawa ang uterus ko?????

According to the radiopaedia, and basically every Google page finds, didelphys is an anomaly where there is a complete duplication of uterine horns as well as duplication of the cervix (in some case double vagina) with no communication between them. Thank God, I have only one vagina. My ex would run away earlier hahahahaha! But I have two uteri and two cervices and I don’t know what else.

Ugh. So there are two. So what?

You think it’s weird, I do too. But it’s not just a “weird stuff”, it also is a worry especially for those who wants to get pregnant and for those who are pregnant. If you have a double uterus, you are likely to have miscarriage and I don’t know what else but miscarriage is the worst.

Weeks after giving birth, and weeks of post partum bleeding, I had only a couple of weeks break, and I got my mens back. So I visited my OB again and had myself checked. My bleeding was excessive, that she needed to prescribe pills to control it somehow.

I went back to my doctor weeks after that because of some more weird stuff happening. It was like I was getting pregnant again. All the hilo, duwal, as if I was naglilihi. She said it was maybe because of the pills. But to be sure, she scheduled me for trans-v to check what’s up with my chorva.

The ultrasound saw my uteri, which we already know of. It appeared I also have two cervices, and two epichuchu I don’t know where I kept the result hahaha. But at least I have one vagina and it’s okay. But there is this little sac we also saw during the procedure.

The doctor used a term that made me curious (as always) so I Googled it and it said something connected to embryo or fetus or…like whaaaat? Did I have another bebe?

Since I have two uteri, it is actually possible but since bebe is the only baby we saw inside me (huh I feel weird myself for just saying that) dark thoughts of course invaded my mind. Like OMG, was it possible I had two babies but only one survived?

To cut the story short, it wasn’t a bebe and Mnemo has no twin. It was what they called a polyp and again, I didn’t know what the hell is a polyp until I Googled it. And yeah, it has something to do about my excessive bleeding which is what my doctor’s working on now.

So no matter how weird my uterus is (or are), I still thank God my baby was safely delivered even though we had no idea I have didelphys and had no precautions. Thank God I didn’t miscarry a baby and thank God there’s nothing else to worry about. At least so far.

Some things worth sharing

  • I feel like I owe you more info about penis didelphis. It’s actually called diphallia and not totally similar to didelphys.
  • I may be lucky, and didelphys is not just weird, but really is a serious and scary. Here’s one story I found in the net about a woman’s life with didelphys. Please extend your prayers to all women affected by this.
  • Not related to my topic today, but here’s a doctor’s blog and I really find it cool and very interesting and I hope you do, too. Let’s start to learn more about our health!

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    3 thoughts on “My curious case of didelphys + some things worth sharing

    1. It’s so weird and complex. I’m not yet scared kasi I don’t really know what it is, so baka when I do more research, magets ko na how serious it is. And I might have to read this again. It’s already 10pm as I read this so medyo nawawala na ko sa scientific terms, but it’s good you shared this. First time ko to marinig.


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