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One of my best friends is already leaving the Philippines to find true love (lol). But really, I’m going to miss you, beshie! But our little food trip wasn’t for his despedida. (May utang ka pa sakin, Tots!)  And since my BFF is “slowly fading away”, my invite for an “ultimate” foodtrip will be open to anyone. Are you interested? Haha!

Well, I really am a foodie, and I like trying out unfamiliar food or restaurant. But I rarely go because I realized having a company or a food buddy is waaaaaay more fun. Pero bakit pa ba, hindi pa ba ako nadala at ayoko padin na mag-isa? Lol.

This time, I tried out some snacks and sweets that already have names on the “trending” list. But before we start, I have to mention I had high expectations maybe because of almost perfect reviews I’ve read. But I really enjoyed the food and experience so I’m going to do this again!

Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings

I said this was not Tots’ despedida so I’m still expecting a few more food trips with you, my friend. Haha! Anyway, that week, as usual, I was super stressed and I needed a break. Being stressed makes me crave for my usual comfort food, chicken wings. And this guy invited me to try Frankie’s. So sabi ko, sige sa BGC.

Though he haven’t had wings in that branch yet, he’s already familiar with the different flavors of wings and he really loved them actually. So I ordered Wings World (Php365**)to try three flavors in one plate, kasi nga excited ako.

Wings World is a plate combination of garlic parmesan, smokey BBQ, and Nagoya tebasaki. We also ordered nachos (Php120**), trying to look for a contender of my best nachos in town. I loved it, actually. The chips are crunchy and very tasty, though the amount of beef was too little, the sauces are a great combination and actually made the whole plate perfect. It got a place in my top 10, which I will blog sooooon

My review rating:

  • Location and Ambience – 5/5 – the location is very accessible, and the place was nice and cozy.
  • Service – 5/5 – great service.
  • Food – 4/5
  • Affordability – 3/5 – comparing the price with other wings houses, I think this one’s a little bit pricey for the taste.

BLK 513

Been seeing this for the longest time on my newsfeed, but I never really had the “uy gusto ko tikman to!” feeling. Until that day when I noticed it’s store is super cute. Plus Nutella sauce is available so this weird ice cream got me.


I had crunchies and smores, melon and strawberries, and a tower of charcoal ice cream.

My review rating:

  • Location and Ambience – 4/5 – I understand this is a pick-and-go snack, but I really am affected whyyyy does a cute stall doesn’t have available seats for the needy like me?
  • Service – 5/5 – great service. Kuya actually let me use the small menu board for backdrop. Unfortunately, the photo didn’t make it on the internet because I such at photography. Thanks anyway to Tot’s who took this photo^.
  • Food – 4/5 I hte that the ice cream absorbs the flavor of the fruits. I mean, I was expecting a sweet version. Smh.
  • Affordability – 4-5 – paid for the uniqueness, but I won’t spend that much again for the same.

Nomi Matcha

Matcha has beenthe crowd’s favorites since forever. I love matcha, too! Though not my favorite, my matcha experience in Nomi was great. I loved the churros that maybe I’ll get nack there and eat more. I loved the latte, too. But it’s nice to try other matcha drinks as well.

My review rating:

  • Location and Ambience – 5/5 – the place was very cute, Instagram and even VSCO-worthy, clean,and super clean mahihiya ka mag iwan ng kalat sa table. Haha!
  • Service – 5/5 – drinks are poured and mixed on your table so get your IG stories ready.
  • Food – 4/5 – Heart the churros.
  • Affordability – 4-5 – dahil ako ang nanlibre.

Who thought I’m going to take food blogging seriously? It was a nice and fun experience, and I will definitely do this again next time.

**Rates as of June, 2018

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