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UPDATED: July 6, 2018

Have you ever had a bucket list? I always try listing what I want to do in life, but I don’t have the courage or will or the commitment to do all of them. One day I think making a list is nice, the next day I feel stupid like why do I even list things I just “used to” like? But anyways, having something to look forward to is nice.

Hoookay… Now that something I definitely thought would happen actually happened, I have to do what I promised myself. And by “what” I mean a list of to-dos I should have done when I was younger (lol) but realized it’s never too late. But since a few items here involves some physical concerns, I should do these before turning 30.

  1. Get a tattoo. I’ve been wanting this since forever but I had no guts to do so. I want a tat on my finger, my side boob, my thigh, and ankle. Of course I won’t have them all at once. Lol one step at a time.
  2. Enroll for a personal life insurance. Got my first policy last Wednesday (July 4, 2018). OMG I feel so old.
  3. Enroll Toyang for a personal life insurance.
  4. Travel with Toyang and make our own Youtube Channel in case Toyang is into talking awkwardly to a camera. “Ah ma-ma-lab-ya!” I made a private list of where to go, still private because I need to discuss this first with my two-month old daughter.
  5. Dye my hair gray. Or any other color but black. Getting tired of being normal so yeah.
  6. Join a 10k run. Lol. I’ve been running for 5, always. And never tried more. Uhuh.
  7. Invest in a new house. I mean, who doesn’t want a new home?
  8. And a car. The problem now is the parking spaces but what if itwon’t be a problem anymore 2-4 years from now? Haha. Kidding.
  9. Travel alone. Going out with Mnemosyne may be fun but I’d like to try being alone at least once. And maybe out of the country? We’ll see.
  10. Establish my own business. My friend and I are planning on opening a local business and I also want one on my own.
  11. Learn free-diving. Here’s a fun fact, but not fun at all to me. I love the beaches, the sea, rivers, and all, but I am not that good in swimming.
  12. Paint my first canvas piece. Back to oil and acrylic and maybe some more mixed media! Ugh. Excited!
  13. Pick a cause and be an advocate. Became a member of UNICEF last October. I was honestly facing some financial challenges back then aka trying so hard not to use my credit card, but some UNICEF guy approached me and I just thought that might be my chance to help.
  14. Go on a very long road trip. We all need this to de-stress and have fun. Who’s in?
  15. Buy myself a coffee maker. Haha!
  16. Explore the biggest cities in the country. Huh.
  17. Pay for a stranger’s meal. I’ll do this maybe every other week or monthly? I don’t know why I still have the heart for other people! Ugh! I love myself!
  18. Do a collab – art work, song cover, etc. – with a friend.
  19. Enroll/apply for gym membership or fitness class.
  20. Try to learn a new language. Be it local or foreign.
  21. Go  to (and play in) a casino. Never have I ever! And I will try this only once. I promise.
  22. Take a challenging hike. I am now realizing my list is too generic, but it’s the safest so… haha.
  23. Go fruit picking. This is easy, I mean I could go to places with farms anytime but I never did, so I’m doing this now.
  24. Go rock climbing. Whuuut? Okay. Challenge yourself, May.
  25. Say yes to everything for a day, every year. Ha! Of course, I won’t inform anyone so just try your luck. Lol.
  26. Ride a bike…then a motorbike. Haha
  27. Watch a theatre show. Not a fan but I’d like to experience it again. I mean a big show, you know.
  28. Go to a concert. I do go sometimes, but this time I’ll go to a concert of someone I am not familiar with. Huh!
  29. – saving this line for an emergency bucket item haha –
  30. List 40 things to do before turning 40.

I am positive I can do these in less than four years, but I don’t want to rush things either just for the sake of completing my list on time. But I will definitely do my best to achieve my dreams, and nothing – not time, not even boys – will stop me. Lol.

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