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Hey, guys! My little angel is turning two months on Monday and I have never been more excited (so far)!!! I am just so happy my baby turned out great, as if she’s not born premature. And aside from those chubby cheeks, arms, and legs, my new favorite (after the feeling of her kicking inside my belly) is that tickling feeling of breastfeeding her. Like OMG, do I have some snail or the most awkward janitor fish attached on my boob?

Sudden mood swings after giving birth honestly is the least of my favorites. I mean, who loves mood swings? This affects every part of our every days from habits, hobbies, and even relationships. Kudos to the husbands who handle their wives very well.

One way to calm yourselves, ladies, is to workout (sometimes?), go to the office and work, read books, play with your angel, hang out with your “kumares”, the forever calming “Netflix and chill”,  or do whatever you can while placing an air diffuser or humidifier to work.


I got mine as a freebie from the Baby Company when we bought Toyo’s playpen. It was actually nice when you’re just planning to buy something but then you got it for FREEEE. One of the perks of having a Mom Card~

It’s just a simple diffuser (doesn’t even have a self stirrer), but it works really well in our bedroom. Air diffusers are known to increase air moisture for easier breathing and for a good night sleep, which is very good for babies (and us, stressed version 2.0). It also has a night light which, they say, helps lighten your mood (you can choose from blue, green, or red). Air diffusers also re-hydrates your skin. Plus the fragrant smell really is very relaxing.

Well, depends on your mood for fragrances. I just purchased Blue Water Essential Oil from Shopee just to try, and they are very cheap. For Php60, you’ll get 10ml of essential oil of your choice which you can use for weeks already.


As part of the trial, I got five fragrances and my favorite so far is the Bamboo and Ocean scents. Maybe because I like the feeling of breathing fresh air or whatever. But they smell super nice, honestly.

I’m honestly not sure how legit these essential oils are, as I can’t find any website or other blog reviews for them, but I can guarantee it works well and we love them.

Disclaimer: this post is the author’s honest opinion, and unpaid endorsement.

3 thoughts on “Review: Baby Company Air Diffuser and Blue Water Fragrant Essential Oil

  1. After reading your post really shocked and disturbing to my knowledge, my best advice for you is to do your homework properly and ensure your cheap so called essential oils are legit and genuine. To my aromatherapist knowledge, no essential oils are water soluble, and they are “oil” that why they called essential”oil”, further more the pricing.. they never been so cheap 60php in 10ml… I am strongly suspect you been sold as fake products, artificial frangance, I be worry about your poor baby inhaling unknown smell. Beware of fake products sell in Shopee. Look for those genuine seller out there, I am sure a few preferred seller sell real essential oils. Beware of cheap fake products as they can cost more harm and toxic to you and your precious family. Kind regards


    1. Hi! Apologies if I didn’t mention that I tried it myself and not with the baby. But of course I get your point – I don’t even try expensive “oils” for my baby simply bec I don’t want her to get used to inhaling such. I also am very aware of the prices and if I’m not mistaken, I also mentioned that I noticed that “MY” (as you said so) oils are “very cheap”. I also did my homework and mentioned, again, that I am not sure MY oils are legit bec I cannot find them easily on the web.

      Also, just to share, I’m not using these anymore – or any other diffuser/humidifier. Thanks for your concern, though!


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