My Makati Med experience

I started looking for the best maternity/delivery packages in Manila when I was still six months pregnant. I know, it’s not that easy to research online, but since my belly was already too heavy, I can’t visit and inquire hospitals either. If you have the convenience of calling their offices, then good for you. But for moms like me who only have her mobile phone and laptop,  it isn’t easy. That is why I am sharing my MMC experience just in case you are an expecting mom and curious how much I spent and maybe the rest of my delivery experience in Makati Medical Center.

I considered St. Luke’s, St. Claire, PGH, etc. But then I found myself getting ready for the expenses I might incur at MMC. I’ve been a patient of MMC ever since, but let’s admit it, their services are expensive. Here’s their package rates as of April 2018:


So yep, I was able to raise the budget to the highest possible rate I could get based on the list my OB gave me. Unfortunately, my bag of water was ruptured a month before the expected due and exactly the day we scheduled o talking about my birthing plan. Just a heads

I had an emergency CS the day after my sister got me to the hospital. Eh diba emergency nga, bat kinabukasan pa? Good thing the baby’s still safe with the level of water left inside my womb because they needed to inject some kind of steroids on me for my baby’s lungs. They gave me two shots within 24 hours and scheduled me for the operation at exactly 12 noon on Wednesday.

Funny I was still thinking of sana hindi ka 17 ilabas anak, mas maganda yung 18 kasi may 8. Well, the Lord is indeed good.


I honestly has mixed emotions minutes before delivery – excitement, worry, fear, happiness, etc. I was so nervous I felt like I needed to poop. (Don’t worry, I didn’t.) I waited for I think 10-15 minutes in the operating room for the doctors with so many questions in mind like “omg, will I feel it when she starts slicing my belly” etc etc. Then they came, got me a shot of anesthesia, prepared my body for the operation then it finally started. I heard the nurse say “should I call the husband na, doktora?” few minutes later, he came and honestly I felt relieved and safe.

Good thing I did my homework and read few articles about CS. Though I had no enough time to prepare myself, I learned other things about the procedure. If you’re having one, it is better to read more and hear more stories so you’ll have ideas on how to prepare and get through it. Also expect the unexpected and research what else everyone is not telling you.

Recovery was the biggest challenge. It’s already has been more than a month since I gave birth, but I still feel the numbness, I still feel tired, I’m still worried my intestines would fall out. Lucky I was in the hands of a fine doctor. Except from the stretch marks which is by the way super creepy, you won’t notice the stitch or any scar. What’s also great is their nurse aides are super nice an very helpful.

I’m not sure what else to share. Maybe ask me anything or share your comments below? Happy pregnancy!


2 thoughts on “My Makati Med experience

  1. Hi. May I know who is your OB at Makati Med. Worry din kasi ako kasi nababasa ko nasa 190 to 230K CS sa Makati Med. Saan ka humingi ng rates? Thank you!


    1. Hello, Gen! OBs can always update you regarding the rates. I hate to let you feel worried, but if it helps to get yourself ready, it ranges between 70-200k+. Depending on your way of delivery. Mine was 200k+, since I wasn’t able to avail the package, plus, my baby needed phototheraphy for more than a day. Scary but true, things happen unexpectedly and you better get ready.

      I know you can make it. Don’t worry too much on the bills. Saka mo na problemahin kapag nandyan na. Focus on your baby. 💕 I know it’s hard to take your mind off things, but you need to. Para din sa health ninyo ni baby. Btw, my OB is Dra. Acebo. You can view her profile on MMC’s website. I will pray for your delivery. Good luck!


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