I’m moving to a new site! It’s been two fun years since I activated themhayonnaiseonline, and I thank you for giving it a wonderful life. I thought it’s too late for moving to a new home, but I’m here to take risks! I mean, why not? You’ll still visit me there, right? Let’s connect and read new stories at THEMHAYONNAISE.COM!

Hi! No, this isn’t May. That’s my mom. I am Mnemosyne Rae Vargas Placides, the one who my mom calls Toyo/Toyang/Mnemo/Neg Neg. This is my first guest post on my mom’s blog since I don’t have my own blog yet. Since it’s my 2-month birthday, let me just share a teenie-weenie bit about my tiny self. Let’s first talk about my names, beacuse I want to. Haha!

Yeah, names. I was named (by my mom) after the Greek Goddess of Memory, Mnemosyne. Oh and the M and R from my mom’s and dad’s names. They started calling me Toyo when I was still chilling in my mom’s tummy. I remember I tasted soy sauce and other salty food soooo much so I guess that’s where “Toyo” came from. When she had her biggest gender reveal hosted by my ninang Jian, they started calling me Toyang. Then here I came, suddenly nicknamed “Mnemo” while people laugh and think of something else fishy.

Oh yeah, the Neg Neg part was after my mom realized I got darker because of the phototherapy and overexposure to sunlight. OMG, I miss the warmth. But at least now I still get to enjoy a little bit more of the Sun and I. Am. Getting. Fairer. So much happiness in one little heart!

Since I’m nearing the three-month rule (that’s how we babies call the aging, if you get what I mean) I’m starting to have less sleep and more active time than the usual. It’s kind of boring, though, you know, just lying there and staring at nothing and then crying then breastfeeding then lying down again. Except I am just crying and crying and crying most often during those awake times just for the sake of fun because these people cannot understand what I need. Ugh. Common sense, pips!

I also don’t like wearing something on my head but my mom always makes me. Which is annoying by the way, mom. (Hope she’s reading this.) Because she thinks I’m cute with those creepy headbands, she always, always takes pictures of me. Doesn’t matter if I’m crying my lungs out, she’s just taking pictures of me.

She also takes pictures of me sleeping. I’m now getting used to it though. In fact, I’d like to thank my mom for collecting and documenting this precious miracle of me growing up. I may not understand how that works yet, but I know I will when I get to go to someplace they call school.

My mom and dad are both smart. My mom’s smarter, I think. Because she loves me the most. Yeah I guess that’s how I know.

Another name my mom gave me is “Piglet”. I just learned it is also a name of some cartoon character which is a pig. And she also started telling me bedtime stories and my first story was Three Little Pigs and she also calls me Little Pig Mnemosyne and I really don’t get why. I mean I get she had the Piglet idea when I started to get these cute little baby fats but I don’t get why mom calls me with too many names. Again, annoying. But, though she’s kinda weird and irritating, I super love my mom. I don’t know, it’s this mother-daughter kind of thing where you idolize your mom and you want to be like her. I mean she’s smart, she’s beautiful, still pretty hot for a mom (mom: oh I’m loving this blog post), she’s super strong, she’s brave. I don’t know anyone sweeter than my mom. I mean I hear this big heart of hers beat since I was inside until now when she lets me lie on her chest and I feel soooooooooo much love there, every single time.

And oh. I love being spoiled by my mom (and all of my family and mom’s friends). I love how my things are all pink, I love my dresses (though I can’t wear them yet), I love my bed, I love everything! Except for that something the nurses prick on my butt.

My mom always talks about how other kids may be living their lives now. She said some are getting bigger things than what I already have, but some are getting less. Which inspires me to grow up fast so I can give some of mine I don’t actually use. *Sigh* Mommy’s long hair also excites me so I sleeeeep and eeeeeat a lot so I get bigger already. She said I’ll get longer hair after a few months though I’m not sure how long a month is.See, my mom says I am super cute. Though I’ve seen a lot of babies cuter than I. But I understand why my mom is so obsessed with me. Every time she lets me see my pictures she took, I am thinking “oh my, yeah I am pretty”, thanks to mom and dad and all of the blood inside me. Now I am pressured how to maintain my cuteness so my mom won’t get tired of being my photographer.

Speaking of photographs, my mom and dad promised me a looooot of travels when I grew a bit older. I am reaaaallly, reaalllyyy feeling the excitement they feel on having me see the places they’re always talking about. Don’t care if they’re taking me together, but I really want to go!

Okay, this post was supposed to be a quick one but what should I do, I got my mom’s kadaldalan and I liked talking about myself also. I hope I won’t be this daldal when I became an adult. ‘Til the next post!

Uhm. Don’t expect the “mwah”. I don’t kiss. People kiss me, but avoid the lips! I don’t exactly like viruses, so okay bye.

P.S. Here’s a quick video my mom made for my 2nd month. Enjoy watching me whip, nae nae!

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