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I know we are a little late for reviewing this themed foodcourt, but I tried to give a more detailed review to make it more helpful. But if I missed something and you have other questions, feel free to comment or ask below. ❤

I and my friends were actually planning trying out different restaurants and food halls or the like since forever. Now that I just got out of the cage, we finally had the chance to try Yokocho foodcourt. (Don’t worry, my one-month daughter loved it!)

I found this place from the trending posts on Facebook. People’s reviews are quite tempting and interesting so I asked my friends to join me try the food there. I am not a fan of Japanese food, though, but I like takoyaki and grilled meat so I was super excited for our lunch out!

Yokocho Japanese Foodcourt is located at the 4th floor of Victory Food Martket, Redemptionist Rd., Baclaran, Paranaque City. It is almost right across the Baclaran church side entrance/exit so it’s not that hard to find. What’s super hard to look for are the parking slots considering the volume of people shopping around and visiting the church. We had a hard time finding a slot, so I advise if you’re coming from a nearer location, to just take the jeepneys. Or if you really want to avoid the hassle of commuting, you can look for motels and hotels around the area offering pay parking.

Yokocho means “alleyways off to the side of a main street” but it also refer to adjoined pubs and bars along a narrow lane. So idk, but I think “Yokocho Foodcourt” is kinda redundant. Lol.

We had our lunch on a Saturday, and the place is not actually as crowded as I thought. The ambience are nice, makes you forget the hassle outside the place. The staff is accommodating,  and are ready to assist the customers. They don’t have wifi, though, and the network signal for Globe is kinda slower which is a good thing actually to make more time for you to hang out  and bond with your friends, loved ones, or family.

The place was clean and well-maintained, except for the washrooms/comfort rooms which are not exactly what we expected. Lol. But surely, the whole place really has Japan vibes and is very Instagrammable! From Japanese lanterns, furniture, it’s actually great if the staff can also speak Nihongo. Haha!!

We paid 399Php (rate as of June 2018) per head for unlimited grilled meat, gyoza, takoyaki, and other dishes, but there are many other food stalls that offer other Japanese food that are not included in the “unli” rate.

It was a super hassle and tiring morning, actually so yes, this lunch is a well-deserved one. We loved our grilled meat experience, the kwentuhan, we also enjoyed the Sapporo draft beer (they offer it for 120Php per beer mug), and the kimono experience (you can try the costumes for free!)


Just to wrap it all up:

Yokocho Food Court is located at the 4th level of Victory Food Market in Baclaran, Paranaque. Beside Berma Mall and Baclaran Church. Store Hours: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM. If you have a hard time looking for parking slots, you can ask nearby hotels or motels for pay parking.

Review rating: 4/5


  • Unlimited grilled meat for affordable price
  • Super nice ambience and theme
  • Accommodating staff
  • There is a smoking area for the smokers
  • Free use of costumes


  • We were actually craving for takoyaki, but unfortunately their takoyaki didn’t satisfy us. Same with their gyoza.
  • The toilets are not clean enough.

We were not expecting too much, though, before we got to the place. But overall, it’s nice and we really enjoyed it. It is one of the most affordable all-you-can-eat hub in Manila so I think it’s worth the try.

Happy eating!

Yokocho - Yokocho Japanese Food Court Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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