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Giving birth is exciting and scary at the same time. But when your baby is already there, relief and happiness will come. You’ll honestly forget you just had a major surgery and will try to reach out and hug your little one the first second you saw her/him. Unfortunately, your hands will be tied until the procedure is all done. But don’t worry, the doctor can let someone in the family in to witness your miracle and calm you down.

Since the day I learned I was pregnant, I already knew I’ll undergo CS because of my scoliosis. But nah. My OB did not recommend it. Doctor’s shouldn’t, unless (1)you feel untolerable pain, (2) the baby’s still in breech position. She advised me to just take it easy and rest as much as I could. So I expected to give birth normally and I was actually excited about it. Unfortunately, sh*t happens. I had an emergency CS a month before the expected due. Yep, Toyo is a month premature.

Luckily, I am a wide reader, so I knew what to expect on either way of delivery. Here are some of the things I’d like to share based on books and actual experiences:

Before the procedure:

  • Caesarean section is a major surgery. You’ll be given anesthesia to numb you during delivery, which can take some time to wear off. You won’t feel the pain, but you’ll feel your baby coming out. Somehow.
  • You can actually decide which way you’d want to deliver your baby. But it is best to follow your OB’s recommendation. If the baby is still in breech position, CS is the safest way.

After the procedure:

  • Vaginal bleeding still happens.
  • You may also feel constipation since your bowels were disturbed by the surgery. Drink plenty of water to help things get moving again.
  • I know this is stupid because, hello, how can we rest when a baby excited to drain us has already arrived? But really, get all the help you can because you have to take things easy for at least a month or two.
  • It’s important to take it easy after the delivery. I thought I could do things the way I do them before, and I actually could. But I know I shouldn’t so if you’re going through CS, don’t make me your role model. Lol.
  •  Clean your incision daily. Avoid scrubbing it though. I know it feels super itchy and irritating, but DO NOT scrub it. Call your doctor immediately if you notice signs of infection, such as redness, swelling, leaking discharge, a high fever, or increasing pain around your incision.
  • Take a warm bath. I gave birth during the summer, and I honestly preferred taking cold showers. But it will just make things worse – pain around the incision, back pain, body pain, etc.
  • Elevate your legs as often as you can, or wear compression socks. Imagine your legs (and actually your whole body) get 200% larger. Compression socks help the blood in your legs return faster to the heart.

Even if you had time to plan ahead for your recovery, something may suddenly happen or may catch you off guard. You should also ensure you keep yourself positive and avoid PPD. Feel free to ask for help and support and get every help you can. Sometimes a friendly face and a listening ear can go a long way towards making your recovery better.

Here’s one of the photos R took to keep you motivated. Haha! Spread love!


4 thoughts on “What to expect before and after C-Section

  1. For some reason, naalala ko yung nanay ko noong pinagbubuntis pa niya kapatid ko 20 years ago. 🙂 CS din delivery kay kapatid, kaso vertical cut naman kay Mama.


      1. Sorry, late reply! 😦 Si Mama kasi, yung hati sa kanila literal na hiwa across sa tiyan. Kitang-kita talaga yung surgery scar sa tiyan niya hanggang ngayon – kahit 20 years na ang lumipas. 🙂


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